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  1. Looking great man! What's that shirt in the pictures on the left?
  2. Japan Blue Momotaro

    From what I understand, The G014 and the G004 only differ in denim, not in their cut.
  3. Japan Blue Momotaro

    I have the Copper Label G014, and I don't think the waist will stretch 2 inches. I got mine at the end of May, and the waist doesn't feel like it has stretched that much. I haven't worn them every day, but I have put a decent amount of wear into them. The point is, if I were you I wouldn't size down to the 32 inch waist
  4. Ande Whall Denim

    I really, really hope those sell out fast. If not, I'm gonna end up spending money I can't afford to spend on them haha
  5. Rogue Territory Jeans

    I'm looking at getting a pair of Stantons, but I can't decide between the 12.5 oz tinted weft and the 14.5 oz white weft. I really like the look of the tinted weft, but I kind of wanted something heavier than 12.5 oz. Besides weight, what are the big differences between the Cone Mills denim used for the tinted weft and the Japanese denim used for the 14.5 oz ones? Can anyone share experience with either pair?
  6. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Oh man that's such a bummer haha. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for them?
  7. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Ah how did you get those Momo x Indigoskin? I really like them.
  8. Japan Blue Momotaro

    I asked in the Indigoskin thread but I haven't gotten any responses, so I will ask here. Does anyone know when the Momotaro x Indigoskin collab is going to be available, and where I can buy them?
  9. IndigoSkin Jeans

    When and where can I buy those collabs with Momo?
  10. the unbranded brand

    I got resin from a pipe on my jeans and now they smell like straight weed haha. I really don't want to wash them because they are finally at a point where I don't feel suffocated when I wear them, but that might be my only option. Smelling like weed everywhere I go isn't really what I want to do. How long do unbranded take to stretch back out after a wash?