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  1. ^v nice.

    interview on complex is calling the leftmost pair the "CU Later" or something. don't care for the NMD slip ons at all but the CU Later and the Forums are really good; probably going to be yelling at the internet in anguish for a while. grey Forums particularly promising to me; remind me of those old WM shiptons

  2. Found some kinda beat Suicoke x Isness hiking shoes today. Kinda into them but not as solid/weighty as I'd like considering the price/condition

    those are cool. never seen that color either. imho still in pretty good shape it looks like. i say cop if it's not stupidly expensive??? i only recall the suicoke collabs being either the sandals or some hiking boot models on more commando type soles; mostly bright and insane looking. (sort of off-white pair on eyescream looking good tho).

    also is-ness and qualifies:



    Nike Air Max 120 rerelease.


    cool but somehow not quite as excited as i would have been say a year or half ago? can't imagine wearing nowadays, somehow. they still look really good from this angle tho




    Would love to see these come back!

    Asics Gel Nimbus 4

    hideous dadcore trainers a+


    unsure if this an etsy moment or from a specifi manufacturer but I'd like to know what they are as I rather like them - any clues anyone ?



    trousers are yohji. i swiped the photos from a rak listing a few months back. forgot to tag them on tumblr lol

  4. i don't really like the NMD, but those oversized lego brick inserts... aren't there other old-school adidas trainers with less exaggerated block inserts? or at least some of the adirafs came on soles like that >_>
    in other news these just came in today

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342