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  1. WTS

    Ship worldwide, from Europe - Accept offers

    Acronym J62-PB Medium - $1385 - link

    Outlier Liberated Wool Peatcoat Medium - $500 - link

    Outlier DoubleFine Merino Hoodie Medium - $187 - link

    Outlier DoubleFine Merino Pullovers Medium (Pack of 3) - $450 - link 

    Cypress x Haven Fingerless Gloves Handknit Cashmere - $186 - link

    Haven x Head Porter Mil X-Pac Rucksack - $588 - link 

    Veilance Voronoi Pants Douro 32 - $252 - link

    Jerome Dreyfuss Satchel Leather Bag - $502 - link

    Triple Aught Design M65 Field Jacket Black - $360 - link


    please pm me for any more precision or details.








  2. WTS Haven x Viberg 10 year Overdyed Service Boots - $1091

    limited edition - 2030 last - Black - Size 10 - With original box, bags, worn a few times - will last a lifetime.Hard wearing Kangaroo leather - sourced from Italy - hand overdyed. M8 side zipper by riri. Goodyear welt construction. Gloxi-cut Vi-lite soles by Vibram.




  3. FS:

    Outlier Slim Dungarees Burgundi size 33

    Outlier Slim Dungarees Dark Indigo size 33

    Outlier Strong Dungarees Gray size 32

    Outlier Slim Dungarees Dark Indigo size 33

    Outlier Workcloth Longcrops Black size 33

    Free shipping to Europe, PayPal fees are for me.

    150€ for 1 pair, 250€ for 2 pairs, 350€ for 3 pairs, 450€ for 4 pairs, 550€ for 5 pairs.

    Same condition for all: worn a couple of times, but like almost like new condition (close to indestructible, regarding my use, in office, no smoke environment) ; selling them because I'm more on natural fabric right now.

    pm me


  4. On 14/08/2017 at 6:31 PM, opetian said:

    IC: 3A-1 foil black, pm me

    I'm snowed under but I will answer everyone.

    By the way I just received the triple black acronym presto lux (by the shoe surgeon) - they're incredible/awesome - but sadly I feel they're too small for me. 



  5. On 14/08/2017 at 8:55 AM, Xenomorph said:

    Another FW-17 items: J16-GT, J62-S, J56-S, P23A-DS, P23-S, P25H-DS, SM1-AM, J58-WS, NG7-AM



    any hints how j62-s differs from the -pb version? still zip cuffs I hope.

  6. 23 minutes ago, Questlove said:



    Google translation (if there are any French experts, maybe they can provide a more accurate interpretation): 

    Out of season Jacket
    Thermaltech x ACRONYM (R (Münich)
    Self-heating fabric x sportswear jacket
    Outerwear in transparent khaki mesh, metallic coated with solar panel technology, to stay warm without battery or electric wires.
    Prototype (about 1500 €)

    Ok, I'll go to Colette after work

  7. Looking for a pair of p14-ch or p16-ch in medium and could trade (and/or money) for: 3a-1 L2, j29-s medium, p24a-s black medium, p24a-s raf green medium, j25-ss green medium, p16-s raf green medium, p16-s black medium, p16a-s black medium, j50-s raf green large, j1b-s black medium.



  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342