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  1. can anyone compare/contrast the:

    - schott 118

    - supreme x schott

    - TOJ minimalist

    how is the supreme x schott shape different than the 118?

    i would buy the 118 if it werent for the epaulets. Can they be removed? Can leather jackets be altered?

  2. met B I Z Z Y of superfuture golden era fame at the san mateo whole foods. I couldve posted this in the sf/sj/bay area thread but superawkward is where it belongs.

  3. Thenonplace is the website of menswear stylist and consultant Stephen Mann. Stephen is currently the Menswear consultant for Missoni (FW11/S12 shows) and the creative consultant to Arc’teryx Veilance, other clients include Nike/Umbro/Aitor Throup/Sony Music/Kasabian/


  4. so does forever 21

    so does H&M

    so does zara

    no one talks about that 'f21 life'

    uniqlo is cool for basics but it should not be flaunted in waywt

    cant speak on zara but the hm and f21 oxfords can S a D. A quarter of the price of supremes oxford, half the price of J crew or Polo, the jew inside me rejoices. Lame work basicz.

  5. cairo print, shitty graphic m-51, roses sweater, african windbreaker. This season in general has been a POS. Tnf is nice tho. I feel supreme has taken the MTV route and re-targeted their market clientele to 14-16 year olds.

    Only thing i bought this season was the metal comb and felt really fucking stupid doing so. Shit is tiny.

    Aside from outerwear, supreme isnt doing anything other brands arent doing. Sorry to say.

    edit: irony of their outerwar since its mostly outsourced. I think i successfully talked myself out of supreme.

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