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  1. APC

    my apc around 2 weeks
  2. APC

    @meroswarrior great fit dude, how old are they? and what size? can you please measure them BlueInGreen style for me? http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?Itemid=41&id=30&option=com_content&task=view i only need the waist, thigh, knee, and leg opening measurements
  3. APC

    hi, i hope this would be any help, since the measurements in context is not accurate i measured my 30 new cure BIG Style http://blueingreenso...ntent&task=view apc new cure H tag size: 30 waist: 31.5" - 32" (at first i measure my pants unworn they were 31.5 ish, but when i wear them they sit exactly on my 32" hip, i think i measured it wrong because of the stiffness) thigh: 11" knee: 7.25" leg opening:7.25" can anybody do the same and measure your petit standard tag size 30 or 29 pls for my reference that would be appreciated so much, thx a lot...
  4. APC

    @zeds in my opinion that is really2 great, thats exactly how i want mine to fit whats your true size? is it loose in the waist? i am currently ordering 2 pair of nc 29 and 30, and hoping mine will be as good as you
  5. APC

    @apparition thx a lot, thats really helpful, i would like to ask about your experience with the waist in new cure and new standard in the same size, do they measured the same? or is new cure smaller in the waist? do you wear your ns without belt? did it fell off your ass over and over again? thx thats a really great fit btw