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  1. well there really is no other alternative, other than to wash, unless you want to wear your jeans covered in dirt.

    you will lose some of the indigo dye from your wash and some of the starch that the jeans have. I believe that is why they recommend washing your jeans with woolite dark when washing apc jeans, so you minimize the indigo dye loss. There will also be some shrinkage by the denim fabric, do a cold wash to minimize that.

  2. been lurking this thread for a while, and I am fascinated with the development of the shoes people post up here. Anyway really want a pair of shoes, but not sure where to start. Posted in the small questions thread, but no luck. Really like the Aldens, but not sure if they are on the heavy side, want something not too heavy. Anyway if someone could just post some brands to check out that would be a good start.


  3. payment: paypal+4%
    I ship through usps delivery confirmation

    please no international buyers, unless your willing to pay extra for shipping

    I have a pair of Momatoro Jeans that I want to part with

    maybe someone can find some use in them

    they are not in the excellent shape, but they do have a lot of life left 

    they have a crotch blowout

    and back pockets threads have come undone 

    if anyone has any use for them shoot me a PM

    Letting these go for $30 






    any other questions feel free to PM me





  4. HELP

    Sat in gum about 2 months ago. Right in the BHole zone. RJB 103BSP. Put in freezer and picked off as much as I could. Still thereis some there and just by sitting action its kind of set in. Turning black. Any wash tipz?

    Edit: http://www.ehow.com/how_5063201_gum-out-jeans.html <-- sounds BRUTAL

    Here's something I did on a old pair of jeans I had

    I grabbed some ice and started rubbing against the gum and then grabbed a razor and started scratching away. Not to hard though enough tostart getting the gum off.

    I don't know if this is for you though

    Hope it helps

  5. alright

    been lurking the shoes that look better with age forum for a while and really really dig the shoes being posted.Having said that I would like to get a piece of this shoe action, but don't necessarily now what to start with. Like what is a good shoe to start with, are aldens a good choice, or what else is there out there. Also not looking for a super heavy shoe either.

    Anybody have some advice?


  6. The rise on these is quite low. I perfectly understand what you are trying to say. Then again, when I look at your fitpic I see quite an amount of excess denim in the topblock and though your fit looks allright, it's not how a pair of 0705SP are supposed to fit. That is, if you got the one wash version and not an unsoaked one of the run from BiG.

    YEP i get what you mean

    thanks for the input.

    sorry for the noob question, but how are these suppose to fit?

  7. is that just personal preference or do you really think they are higher than they should be? They look ok from those pics

    Well I bike pretty much everyday and when I wore these I felt my crotch had no room to breath on and off the bike. Is that a rise problem or am I wrong?

    This is not the case with a pair of A.P.Cs that I have the Levis I have.

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