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  1. reedobandito

    shit you hate

    Whenever I'm home and I sneeze and my mom yells from the other room "COVER YOUR MOUTH!!!" Drives me nuts
  2. BUMP! BLESS up for trade, now looking for a few more items! Let's work something out
  3. reedobandito

    shit you hate

    Fucking Yelp reviewers that give restaurants terrible reviews despite "loving the food" fuck that
  4. Geller bomber sold, pants and knit still available! Everything still on my WTB list!
  5. Ha I got dem low low prices Added MMM Side zips! Only here for 1 more day until I return! Rest is sold!
  6. One of the funniest classifieds I've ever seen enjoy your 20 pairs of RO sneaks in an assortment of sizes!