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  1. jsky808080

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Son of Stag had a type ii Onni duck canvas - but its sold out now. i am also looking for a duck canvas type ii but not easy to find https://www.sonofastag.com/collections/oni/products/oni-02517hox-type-ii-denim-jacket-duck-canvas?variant=12117724679
  2. jsky808080


    Hi guys. Have a pair of Warehouse 800 (pics below). they are size 31, worn about 20-30 times. they are still a bit snug in top block. want to get a pair of TCB 50s, and tried them in raw/non-washed at American Classics in london. they recommended i go for size 33. just a bit confused as WH 800 31 as well as FC 1108, although both a bit tight in upper block. i have tried to measure my waist as would like to buy TTS but cant seem to get a sensible waist measurement. any advice appreciated. for reference i'm 5'7 around 160lbs. doing cross fit these days so thighs getting a bit bigger if i'm being honest with myself i dont wear the WH of FC to work, as i find my cheap 501s from last year more comfortable. so if the TCB a bit looser could be fine. just from 31 - 33 seems like a big jump and my size hasnt changed
  3. jsky808080

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Sugar Cane Type II. Bought in one-wash, worn around 70 times, washed once. seems like a slow fader
  4. jsky808080


    thanks Jegry - you think theres much difference from 14.5oz to 13.5? maybe around 12 would make a differnence but not sure on the 1oz
  5. jsky808080


    Hey guys - i bought WH-800 from take off on rakuten a couple months ago and been wearing pretty steady. love them. finding them a bit warm in summer though so wondering if anyone can confirm: 1) WH-800 (STANDASRD) - are these 14oz in weight (they are dead stock with red tab) 2) which model would be similar fit to 800 in thighs (or bigger is OK) and similar to 800 cuts from WH? would 1001XX (based on 47 model i think) or 1101 fit the bill (read in thread 1101 close to 800)
  6. jsky808080

    Sugar Cane Denim

    hey guys - i got a SC type II from japan in one wash. just curious - how often should i wash, and can i throw it in the washing machine? for reference - i wear WC800, SC1947 - i machien wash them once a month or so as i like the softer contrasts
  7. jsky808080

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    hey guys - i got a SC type II from japan in one wash. just curious - how often should i wash, and can i throw it in the washing machine? for reference - i wear WC800, SC1947 - i machien wash them once a month or so as i like the softer contrasts
  8. jsky808080


    hey guys - i'm trying to decide what to get for my next pair. for reference, i have the - FC1108 in 31 - bit too tight in thighs but look good aesthetically - WH800 in 31 - more comfortable in thigh, happy with aesthetic - SC1947 in 31 - more comfortable in thigh than either FC or WH above, bit too loose on bum for my liking So, any suggestions on the next pair to get? i like both the 800 and 1947 - was thinking to try TCB 50s or WH1001. Anyone know how these jeans will compare to the jeans above - e.g. tighter thighs or bigger waist. more intereseted in fit as i like the denim on all of them... i also got WH800 and SC type II on a recent japan order - happy to share fit pics if of interest/or addds value, but not sure it will as they have barely been worn.
  9. jsky808080

    Sugar Cane Denim

    hey guys - question about the SC 1953 type II 16.25 green selvedge jacket. i tried it on at american classics in london, in the one-wash version. the 38 fit well, but the guy in the store said to buy the 40 to allow it to shrink. i explained that i plan on washign 30 or 40 degrees in teh machine..and he said he still recommends getting hte 40 and that it will shrink. i'm confused as i thought one-wash means no more shinkage - especially at 30 or 40 degrees - can anyone clarify? thx
  10. jsky808080

    Sugar Cane Denim

    hey guys. so i tried on WH 800 in 31 and 900 in 32 one wash today - both fit decent, and were comfortable in the thighs. i wanted to try SC 1947, and SC type II and type iii - but looking at measurements - looks like thighs are going to be tighter in a simlar waist size - that seem accurate? for reference - i also have FC 1108 in 31 waist (thigh online says 11.61) and 3sixteen ST220Z 32 waist (thigh 11.4 thight online) - both these jeans are fine in the thigh, but i dont think i would wear much tigther. i can't find any london stocklist of one-wash - so anyone know if WH 800/900 in general fit a bit looser in thighs than SC 1947 type II or III?
  11. jsky808080

    Sugar Cane Denim

    great! yes well - a sample - i guess a lot of us want samples to try them out etc before we purchase other items. thanks for the quick reply
  12. jsky808080

    Sugar Cane Denim

    will they let you specify the amount hte item is worth? uk gift allownace is £36
  13. jsky808080


    thanks the help fellas. if i tried on a cut of the warehouse that are with red tabs, would the jeans warehouse JP now selling be the same cut - or has the cuts recently changed? wanted to get 800s shipped to the UK or USA
  14. jsky808080

    Sugar Cane Denim

    can anyone recommend a JP proxy to UKthat will mark as gift. i dont mind paying extra for SC, but the markup is pretty high in the UK compared to JP pricing. wanted to get a type 2 jacket and some jeans. did a search in supertalk but they seem to be old/dated threads
  15. jsky808080

    Conners Sewing Factory

    What if I am receiving repairs but items amount to higher amount eg £500 - assuming repairs VAT and customs exempt?