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  1. Full Count Denim Thread

    yes i can wait. thank you!
  2. Full Count Denim Thread

    the 3 sixteens i have now are 11.4 thights (fine when standing but annoy me when at work sitting down). i think 11.9 would be all good. having a few days from the forum does seem over the top to analyse 11.4 vs 11.9 - but in my mind it makes a difference. thanks for the detailed info.
  3. Warehouse

    interesting approach. i hear you about the jeans stretching out. i'm currently workign on a pair of 3 sixteens i'm finding tighgt but they are loosening up. for me (i'm also at an advanced age) - i am thinking - denim should feel reasonably comfortable everywhere day 1 (except for the waist whcih stretches out from pressure). if thighs are too tight and the jeans are on my mind everytime i sit down at a desk - then i probably shoudl buy a different model. sure the thighs will stretch - but then by the time the jeans start to look good the crotch blows out. but you know theres no right or wrong. i'm only 5'7/160 pounds - if i lose weight to fit in jeans i'll start to feel slight. so i guess jeans are just so personal - and every one of us has different criteria when selecting a pair. and every pair is unique over time. so thats pretty cool and i guess why we're all on here lookign at pictutres of fades.
  4. Warehouse

    hey pedro - i appreciate your back-up. but to be honest - the forums more fun with a bit of controversy. it would be a pretty boring forum if everyone was patient and just answering each others questions straight up. vote for pedro - i seriously have to watch that again. classic
  5. Warehouse

    not sure where you live, but in the UK we have really punishing import duties. i ordered 2 t shirts from outlier in NYC a few months back - duties were over £90+ on the t-shirts. so i sent them back, filled in the customs returns forms. spent in excess of 3 hours (fill in forms, phoning - mostly being hold) trying to deal with customs to get the money back as can prove items were shipped back. its the last time i order from the USA or japan to the UK - our queen needs the tax dollars it seems. time to move! seems easier in america to order from japan
  6. Warehouse

    Hey - yes I can visit Son of a Stag in person - they have some FC, Warehouse - and even TCB - i like the look of all those. i did try one pair of FC at Son of a Stag - but was in a rush so couldnt try others. on the model i tried - the red tab was cut off - small detail but i do like the red tab especially as the jeans age. just reminds me of levis 501s from when i was a kid in canada. in regards to one-wash - my understanding is the waist will still stretch out across all denim? so size them snug? as i'm trying to get my queistiosn out the way - would denim jackets have similar way to size (e.g. buy in one wash and can use same advice re stretching out on denim). really like the warehouse, tcb (30s) and full count ones
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    seems the 1108 thigh with 32 waist is around 12.5 - unless it shinks up but i'll try to go with onewash. i just wanted thighs to be around 11.9 - 12.3.
  8. Warehouse

    i managed to find the measurements from warehouse in japenese as one of the guys suggested. maybe i'll just go try em on now and decide..otherwise i'll be researching for weeks at the expense of getting work done or having a life. thanks for your suggestion i'll use it to look at fits on others
  9. Warehouse

    fair enough re lazy people. i actually tried on the 900s in-store in the one wash - was just thinking thighs may be quite tight and wasnt sure if the rise would work. maybe i'll go try them on again. i am definatly someone that worry's too much about fit. i've been buying raw denim for a long time - and i dont think i have ever really nailed the fit. guess thats why i'm asking so many questions. i'm gonna try and get through the thread or at least a good part of it - not sure if i'll be able to acommplish that - and i also wanted to try FC and perhaps FH - so thats potenially 1500 pages + of reading. cant help but think i'm better off reading a novel, although i wont have as well fitting jeans if i go that route.
  10. Warehouse

    i get that. this thread is 263 pages, though. thats would take me a long time. you could argue that most of the questions that can be asked about jeans have been asked, and answered repeatedly in this forum. i mean - what else can there be to say about warehouse but the odd update. to follow your thinking - the forum should ban all questions that questions and simply be used for insightful updates (e.g. warehouse changing fits) - because i would guess 95% plus of the questions or posts are just repetitive and unoriginal.
  11. Warehouse

    i cant promise that. my questions bother you?
  12. thanks for the info. these samurai look great - but not sure i can handle the time/stress of purchasing online. i've found uk stocklists of warehouse, FC, FH and PBJ - so was thinking to go try some of the models i like in person. thats cool that the samurai's will hit in the middle of the measurements i posted..soudns like they're a great option and just found a london stocklist. how about S001? thigh seems ok on those too
  13. Warehouse

    sorry - do you mean actual waist (my true waist 34 inches so buy 34 from warehouse?)
  14. Warehouse

    ahhh great idea- going to try that now! i'm a 34 waist - is there a standard waist size to buy across the range (e.g. size down 1)
  15. Warehouse

    Blue in Green only has a size chart for 900. any ideas on where to get size chart for other models?