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    Sugar Cane Denim

    hi guys I have the SC type II 1953 MODEL SC11953A In a one-wash size 38 and it fits great. I want to purchase a Duck Brown SC type II jacket but the measurements on the Duck Brown seem quite different from the Denim - so I'm unsure on sizing. Is it possible the measurements are so different? Which size do you guys think would work in the Duck Brown version (want closest in fit to denim version in 38). Measurements (both from Hinoya): Indication size / width of the shoulders / width of the body / length / length of a kimono sleeve DENIM type II jacket: One Wash Denim Type II measurements (fits me well): 38(M)/50/54/59/58 DUCK BROWN type II jacket: 38(M)/47/56/62/61 OR 40(L)/49/58/64/64 any advice appreciated! will post photos of my type II in denim as seen some good wear now
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