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  1. which one is better herschel or jansport?

    i want to pick the herschel because jansport is over too mainstream in my school

    but jansport has the lifetime guarantee, does herschel have guarantee just like jansport?

    because in my country there is no herschel official store

    herschel does not have a lifetime guarantee. i'd recommend reading through this thread a little more...

  2. Hey SuFu, I've got a pair of lightly used Common Project premium achilles up. I really don't need more low tops so ideally I'd like to get some sort of a trade for either CP vintage bball hi tops or margiela hi tops (we can work out the details in PM). I'd also be interested in selling but again, ideally a trade. I'll post photos later today or tomorrow but i figured i'd just put this out there to start. Shoes are at 8/10 condition. No fading or scuffs on the outside. The C and the O is a little faded on the inside of the shoes but that's about it.

  3. so i tried on the miltzen frame by moscot. like the shape but the frames are a tad too big for me. anything similar but smaller frames? I know it's a pretty common shape but i'm looking for something in the price range of moscots (200-300) if that helps

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342