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  1. so i've read through most of this thread over the past week or so, and combined with someone gifting me an aeropress, i've recently picked up a slightly used virtuoso due to the great comments on it. really making some killer coffee with flattrack's miravalle. excited to be back in portland in a few weeks and really be able to pick up some killer coffee


    anyone have any reqs on making espresso at home? i saw some people discussing the mypressi but it looks like it's outta commission? (blog not updated in quite a while, sold out etc)..  ideally looking for something that's not too bulky of a machine, budget isn't a huge issue though. ideally looking for something similar to that mypressi

  2. got mine in da mail and it looks better than i thought it might


    somehow i made the mistake of telling mr.invincible that i was a 7 3/4 instead of 7 3/8 ( :[[[[  ) so if you missed out and wanna buy a 7 3/4 hit me up. or long shot, you're a 7 3/4 and got a 7 3/8 hit me up as well.


    ALSO so many thanks to mr invincible for all the work he did, many props

  3. does anyone know what blank shirts henry rollins has? he wears the same ones in every recent interview / photo


    tbh, they're probably something like hanes. no way rollins is rockin any luxe tees; i mean, just check out that interview GQ did with him about a year ago to get a better idea of his thoughts on "fashion".

    also, anyone have any pro tips on finding orlebar brown swim suits (mainly the bulldog cut) for less than MSRP? do these things ever go on sale??

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