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  1. c16ed449_ZZZ2253732b_P1060115.jpeg


    Picked this up on SF recently but it really doesn't go well with what I wear so looking to recoup what I paid for it, 190 175 shipped in the continental USA (PM if you're in a different part of the world and we can work something out). I haven't worn it except to take it out of the packaging it was mailed to me in, and then to try it on once.

    shoulder 16.5
    chest 18.5
    sleeve 28
    length 27

    note the front strap was cut by the previous owner and the color of hoodie (OG: dust) was dyed a shade darker. still an incredibly well kept RO DRKSHDW piece. fit is good for a 44-46, or if you were a 48 and wanted a less flowy, more fitted look.


    Feel free to PM me with any questions

  2. I have a buddy who works for nike and he generally says no.  I mean, it's cheap - but nike employees can get the same discounts by shopping on the nike employee store website.  occasionally the actual place will have stuff they don't have online, but it's rare, apparently.


    of course, he could be bullshitting so no one ever bugs him for a pass.

    hmmm yeah i was mainly just hoping the offerings weren't on par with a nike outlet. now i guess i just need to find a nike employee or a pass

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342