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  1. Warehouse

    Thanks for your answer. Here are measurements of mine WAREHOUSE Lot 800 OR Size 32 (27-11-2016) RAW: 86cm (W) Waist, 31cm (T) Mid thigh, 31cm (F) Front Rise, 41cm (B) Back Rise, 23cm (K) Knee, 89cm (L) Length, 22cm (O) Leg Opening 1st 60c soak: 83cm (W) Waist, 30cm (T) Mid thigh, 29cm (F) Front Rise, 40cm (B) Back Rise, 22cm (K) Knee, 83cm (L) Length, 21cm (O) Leg Opening It's strange that there is so little difference in measurement between WH 800 OR in size 34 and 32. Anyway, mine are going to be available for sale pretty soon as are to tight ;-) the top block is killing me... I gotta get size 33 or size 34, hence my initial question..
  2. Warehouse

    Hi. Could you please post pre- and post-soak measurements of the jeans?
  3. Warehouse

    800 and generous top block, I don't think so.. It's so generous I hardly can button it up not to mention this... unwanted pressure in my pelvis area ;-) Hopefully they will break in nicely. The leg opening on the other hand is definitely narrower than the leg opening of WH Lots. like i.e. WH1001(1001xx), WH1000(1000xx).
  4. There was a 5-6 day delay with posting my jeans, but luckily they got delivered in about 5 days to the UK. Overall I am really pleased with the service provided by SuToCorp. Thank you.
  5. Evisu is still loved!

    You are lucky you didn't bid further and stopped on 14,000 yen as your highest bid. The actual inseam of the jeans was 73cm (股下73cï½). You would end up buying a pair of shorts
  6. Blue in Green like measurements please, folow their measurements guide. Also, what is the exact model of the jeans?
  7. Evisu is still loved!

    These have got such a nice selvage, isn't it...quality? ROFL
  8. SOLD..please delete

    Bump! Bump! Bump!
  9. SOLD..please delete

    Bumpty Bump! Somebody buy these!
  10. FS: Evisu MiJ 2000 No.1 36x35

    Somebody buy these beauties! Unfortunately, not exactly the fit I would go for..
  11. SOLD..please delete

    SOLD..please delete
  12. FS: Evisu MiJ 2000 No.1 36x35

    Where are you based my friend, your jeans blog says oslo, norway, but I see payment in $ ?
  13. Evisu is still loved!

    Thanks for the comments guys and your offer faptronic. I will consider it and let you know and yes, the jeans are size 32 Also, the pictures don't do them justice they look much better in a neutral light. They are darker than in the pictures. I will try to get some more pictures later on. It's not like I am literally done with wearing them. These jeans will still be worn, but not as much I was wearing them in the past, as I have two more brand spanking new pairs of jeans that need some love and ....wearing.
  14. Evisu is still loved!

    Here you go guys some pictures of my old Evisu Deluxe Kabayama Single Needle Jeans. My first ever pair of Evisu jeans. I've been wearing these jeans everyday since end of January 2010 till the beginning of August 2011. Roughly 18 months of wear. Now retired... Finally, I can start breaking in my new ones which are Evisu MiJ 2001 No.1 plain pocket silver selvedge jeans and Warehouse 1001XX 2011 edition jeans. But enough of that and let the pictures do the talking.