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  1. Another part of the making.

    After cutting all pieces, it was time for sewing.


    First Mr. Ruttloff attach the lining to the yoke.





    Then the yoke is sewn to the leg, with a Union Special double chainstitch mashine.







    Flatten the seams and attach the right to the left rear leg with the same mashine.





    The result.





  2. Thank you guys for the comments and the interest in our Artisan-Challenge projekt.

    Ruttloff Garments is a one man brand from my hometown Dresden and was founded 2010 by my good friend Johann Ruttloff.
    He started from nothing with just a old Textima sewing machine from the East German garment industry.
    Over the time Johann get a nice collection of sewing machines, mostly classic modells by Union Special, Juki, Dürkopp and Singer.
    Only 4 years later, he is able to make real amazing jeans. They fit great, are well built and have nice details.

    Johann makes bespoke Garments, but his focus is on the jeans.

    You can find some of his work here.https://de-de.facebook.com/RuttloffGarments

    His workshop is located in a old industrial facility, which offers space for many creative people.













    I´ll post informations to our Artisan-Challenge project on a regular basis, so stay tuned. Next...pocket fabric.

  3. beauties! every single one!!


    btw: i am going to wear the uhr all time, i already feel the regret.

    Thanks, I can´t await to hold the jeans in my hands.


    I can´t imagine how do you will manage to wear the UHR during the summer. I have the 634RAW, I know what it means, and with the slimmer cut...almost unbearable.

  4. Thanks guys.

    They are near 1year, straight wear, 9 months without washing, 3 washes since then.


    It´s all about the denim on these jeans. The denim  is really nice textured, dark and slow fading into a beautiful light clear blue.

    It´s also real durable, there are no holes after 1 year near daily wear. Only issue are the cotton threads, it need water to protect them.

    So I had the feeling, that they will fall apart before they shows real signs of wear. It´s better since I wash them every month.

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