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  1. you stole a skateboard? thats kinda fucked.

    I stole a Rocky boxset from a house one time during a party, but that shit was being neglected and I just felt like I could love it like no one else at that time. I feel bad about it to this day, as Im not sure what happened to it. shit was on VHS too.

  2. most of the apple "geniuses" are salesmen. In any given store there's like 2-3 guys out of 50 who are at the level of a second-line helpdesk tech. Any third-party apple reseller will be PACKED with people who are worth 12 geniuses. :)

    yeah, this is my experience in any apple retail location. They always have to ask someone. Dudes at Best Buy are better and the local apple place up the street know anything I need to know.

    also, why can I never go to the apple store without wading through 40 thousand people playing with shit like they have never seen an apple product before?

  3. Theres a target by my house that has way too many doors in the front. I have never seen anyone else take the non-automatic set. I try to give these people awkward looks, not to intimidate or anything, just to weird them out a little bit. Same thing with people that take the elevator up 1 floor one campus.

  4. but really all i wanted to do is use those bullet points

    • I love bullet points
    • I finally got to sleep in this morning
    • I am going to drink wine and watch netflix / play ps3 all day long

    Also, my girlfriends boss gave her like 40 dollars worth of red lobster the other day. I have been pounding those cheddar biscuits for 2 days. We had like 30 of them.

  5. I got back and forth between chrome and safari. I do really like safari, I just don't care for the crashing and some sites not showing properly. Chrome has never given me a problem.

    I hate how the tabs look on chrome, but thats just nitpicking.

  6. I got a warranty from best buy because it covered my dropping it and shit. I would wait and get it right before the year is up if you bought from apple store.

    Does anyone know a way around not being able to watch espn3 on the iPad. I don't have any of the accounts needed to watch it. Is getting something form the appstore that will let me watch my macbook through the iPad / iPhone worth it?

  7. I usually bur some GAP chinos when I find them on sale. 30 bucks or so. They sell waists under 30 in the store, which is a huge plus.

    Target always has some decent sweaters and sweatshirts for pretty cheap.

    J crew always has a sale after the holidays and you can get socks (in some really ugly colors) for like 3 bucks sometimes. i always have an eye out for cheap socks.

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