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    Can someone offer me some clarification here? up to last week i had never lurked the IH forum its only this great discussion thats keeping me here. Mega talks of "subtlety" and a "clean aesthetic" these remarks seems at odds with the fit pics. alexx above is combining a button up vest with camo shorts and white glasses or previously a green ball cap this does not appear at all subtle to me.

    Nothing against you alexx as a IH collector you know how the brand should be worn a lot better than i do.


    my opinion....everybody should be wear what he want....and mix what you want....there is no law.



  2. With regards to IH's source of cotton, Giles has said they have been using US cotton for a number of years now. Haraki used to use Zimbabwe but changed (without telling anyone, he didn't think it mattered) because the supplier of Zimbabwe cotton in Japan was tinting the yarns green.




  3. Eddie- As an individual who actually has the biker steeze that IH calls its brand ethos you do indeed deserve the support, Good luck with it buddy.


    alex- I dont think anyone here is an "IH Hater" this debate makes a refreshing change from the usual banal questions.

    sufu is full of haters....not everyone but much idiots and haters here

  4. Good point Beatle, also some people don't wear their clothes out because they buy far too much, encouraged by forums like these and the resultant peer pressure to have the new release or variations in cut, style, brand, weight, etc rather than focussing on a few items. There is often too much emphasis on accumulation.

    that s right... i have over 20 shirts...most IH (flannel and denim) i can t wear all hard as fuck....but i love this stuff and i collect them a bit.-)

  5. Great point on the respect comment people do think that "i have paid too much for this garment to ruin it"


    further.. ben and mega aside you would not dress as an ice cream seller if you did not sell icecream ;)

    and the people who wearing jeans are dont work at miners....hahaha

  6. mega- i completely agree if it is used by bikers but i made the point a few pages back the majority of IH customers are not bikers they just want to dress in that costume.


    alexx- i think you mean "a product can never be too good" but of course it can like the good folk of Cheshire who pick there kids up from school in the Range Rover.

    if u ride a bike and have a crash....IH stuff is not very helpful for u!

    if u want real/best protection u must wear full leather

    i ride a bike for many years and i know from what i talk!

    what i mean u can wear IH although not to be a biker.... this is bullshit

  7. I agree on the subtlety of the fabric (apart from the white or red western shirts aint nothing subtle about those), and i agree it is nice to know your shirt was well made but a lot of folks will not actually use it for the purpose to which it was designed so rendering the over engineering a little pointless.

    a product can never be good enough!


    IH haters are haters of themself!

  8. qualitative/workmanship/construction........Iron Heart is the best of all brands ...Mr.Freedom,Samurai,TFH,The Rising Sun,PBJ,the Strike Gold,RJB...ect are all great brands and quality too but Iron Heart ist the BEST...my opinion


    i ve never seen better quality on a produkt... :D


    by the way...Ts from TFH ( THC series) .are the best .construction/workmanship/quality/fit

  9. Got my grey TFH loopwheeled tee and it fits like a charm.

    The neck is pretty tight, but it looks good on.

    Quality product!

    it is not loopwheeled when FH THC serie :tongue:

    but the quality of both fabrics are top-notch

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