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  1. i just got my imp shearer that im ordered on SE. The waist fit perfectly for me but the thigh and leg opening so damn baggy. does soaking make shrink alot??

    I dont have first hand exp with the shearers, but since theyre sanforized I think its safe to say there will be minimal shrinkage in the thigh and leg opening with a soak.

    self-edge doesnt even mention shrinkage occuring in the thigh in their product description so I think you'd be lucky to get anywhere near -0.5 inch off the thigh.

    enjoy the relaxed fit :)

  2. any aussies here? just wanna ask if any of you know if rhd in adelaide still carry imperials? better still does perth sell imperials?

    i've emailed them a few days back but no replies yet. and making a national call would be my last resort.

    Pretty sure Andy (rhd) isnt stocking imperial anymore, I was there a couple weeks ago and didnt see any on the racks but he may have a few pairs sitting around somewhere.

    give their facebook (Rhd Store) a try, they post/reply on their quite frequently.

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