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  1. I thought you were going to stop posting?


    i changed, u right


    why I will stop to post after my brother was described as a guy dressed too tight as he doesn't have enough money to change his clothes bought by his parents when he was a little  kid


    whereas this funny punchline comes from a guy who has a skinny body with too large clothes as a little kid who doesn't have enough money and wears his father's clothes ^^

    It was a stupid reaction from my side, I like your humor, do not hesitate to use you red button ;)

  2. i don't want this page to be dedicated to hating on mpc but i've been watching him post  forat least a year and i don't understand how his fits get repped. can anyone explain?


    don't worry, my posts are not really rep + (but it would ne interestinf for me that you explain what you hate in all my outfits in private message :) )


    I thought this topic is for sharing outfits, seeing different things than I could see/do is a reason why i check this thread, not to see copy/paste of what his hype on the internet at the moment :)

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