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  1. You won't appreciate it the first time around, but after you finish 5 and start to put everything together. It becomes better the second time around.
  2. It came from an army surplus store.
  3. I really want it but I'm broke right now and after getting the first one in the Orange Box with all those other great games, I have a hard time spending that money.
  4. When I play with my gamertag on my brothers xbox with his DLC it lets me play it at least with COD
  5. If you are playing on Xbox Live there is still a decent amount of people that play online.
  6. Super Meat Boy makes me want to rip my hair out because of how difficult it gets.
  7. Castle Crashers is fun if you have people to play with. You should also download Doritos Crash Course it's free and really fun.
  8. My first tattoo. I moved to the Buffalo area of NY recently. Does anyone know of the best place to go?
  9. I finished all the seasons and the movies a week or so ago. J-Roc is my favorite "know what i'm saying"
  10. I've been watching that Brink game. It looks like if Borderlands and TF2 had a baby.
  11. Yeah, with the whole video the little kid picks the fight.
  12. The graphics look so much better.
  13. I was just about to post that.
  14. Really depressing hopefully we can get something in the other three.
  15. They are supposedly releasing info about MW3