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  1. Basically New Pure Blue Japan xx-013-18oz sz 31 One Wash: $200 shipped CONUS I am selling a pair of basically brand new, unhemmed Pure Blue Japan xx-013-18oz in size 31! These were only worn twice outdoors and a few times around the house. I bought these from Denimio upon their size recommendation, but took too long too decide if I wanted to return... I don't think the fit works for me, and I'm just trying to recoup my losses. Measurements BiG style: Waist: 15" Thigh: 11.3" Front Rise: 9.75" Knee: 7.5" Inseam: 37" PM with any offers or questions!
  2. bump still for sale!
  3. Samurai Jeans

    Raoul, did you end up soaking the 24oz yet? If so what did the inseam shrink to? Thanks!
  4. bump, price drop to $100 shipped
  5. Bump
  6. I bought these samurai 710 xx size 34 lot 15 june of 2012 and worn them on and off for a year before losing weight and now these are too baggy for my liking. my loss is your gain! i'll let the pictures do the talking few things to note (all visible in pics): -crotch had stitching come loose but had it fixed by bears, otherwise structurally sound -back pockets have been repaired by me, still usable -rip in right knee, repaired by me price: $100 shipped to anywhere in CONUS measurements using BiG method: waist- 17" rise- 11" thigh- 12.6" knee- 9" hem- 8.2" length- 33.5" (chainstitched by bears in tokyo) pm me if you want more information/pictures and i'd be happy to oblige
  7. The Strike Gold

    new sg3109, thoughts on fit? lighting is crap in my apartment so sorry for bad quality
  8. The Strike Gold

    Quick question, how does the fit of the 3109 compare to the 2109? Supposedly the same fit but the measurements posted on self edges website seem to suggest otherwise . it looks like the 3109 is slimmer than the 2109 but with the same waist? Thanks.
  9. Pure Blue Japan

    just got these xx-007 in the mail, thoughts? can i rock the double cuff or get it hemmed?
  10. Samurai Jeans

    does anybody have the front and back rise measurement of sz 32/33 710's post-soak/after shrinkage? i'm tired of buying japanese denim that don't fully cover my rear whenever i sit down -____-
  11. quick question about thigh measurements and sitting down... I measured my thigh and I got about 23", currently wearing some sg's that have a 12.25 thigh, so when i'm standing up, there is some excess denim if i "pinch it out", the problem is that when i sit down there is no more denim to "pinch out" leading to it feeling very constricted when i sit down... why does this happen?
  12. The Strike Gold

    sg2109 after a weeks wear post-soak 6months, thoughts on the fit? not sure if i sized right... sz 32 stretched out to a 35" waist and very little thigh room for maneuver >.>
  13. The Strike Gold

    some sg2109's, about 5~6ish months of real wear, sorry for blurry pics
  14. The Strike Gold

    theyve been my everyday shoes for awhile now, gonna switch to something different after winter break probably and yeah just dont have much time to do anything other than study lately, 3 midterms in a row this week =\