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  1. gorgeous city with a very strange gay community. lots of closeted gays with families. they call themselves discreet. Also despite the death sentence for drug smuggling this is the only city where i was offered ta have sex on crystal meth. no, thanks.
  2. Syndicate tanktop James Perse shorts Timex 40ss replica
  3. and by decent i mean something like this
  4. count me in, i want to show Black Narcissus by Powell and Pressburger
  5. larger images plz
  6. nice kicks, too bad i have a similar ones
  7. wallet with coin slot pleeease
  8. i love all these craftsmen on sufu. keep up good work. waiting for a wallet with coin slot
  9. well, it's my first visit in a year or more (since v4 introduction that sucked), i have only 8 posts and can't find them (yeah, that's how sufu search works) and my rep is -2403. epic win
  10. you should change your avatar, cause with that sad face it looks like you're desperate to sell another overpriced balmain crap. )
  11. medium size http://www.jamhomema...allet/JSC-MM005 http://www.jamhomema...allet/JSC-MM004 http://www.jamhomema...sWallet/J-WA003 etc. or tell me where to buy in us or eu region or any other decent wallet )
  12. K60GO86aJgc
  13. well, actually it's that feminine boy from tokio hotel. sam wears supra. ) i wanna know the brand.
  14. solving puzzles cures cancer