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  1. FS: 2 Dior Homme shirts - Hedi Slimane Era

    £90 for 2 shirts?
  2. FS : DH leather pants sz44, DH 2006 red silk pants

    Is the leather pants bas 19 or 17.5? What size is sz 44 equal to?
  3. FS: Dior Homme Votc Cropped Tux sz44

    Hi. I sent offer to you. Did you see it?
  4. WTB: MII Dior Homme 19cm + 21cm SZ 26/27

    Hi. I have a pair of BNWT MII sz 27 Bas 19cm. What's your offer?
  5. Dior Homme Denim

    I like the raw indigo 17.5cm MIJ in 09AW, 95% cotton & 5% poly. But it's hardly to find. This is raw indigo Bas 19cm MIJ sz 29, I cut it to L34. I wear it everyday during the year and washed 5 times. I very like it
  6. Legit checks megathread - post your legit checks here!

    Hi there, I have bought a T-shirt and on eBay. But I don't sure it is authentic. I think the Japanese character on the wash tag is "æ ª"(æ ªå¼ä¼šç¤¾ï¼Œin Japanese it means "company"), not "æž—". I think it's a mistake in OCR
  7. WTB Dior Homme Brown D-point belt

    Looking to buy a 05SS sz 85 Black.
  8. Dior Homme Denim

    What price? MIJ, BNWT.
  9. FS: Brand New Dior Homme Blazer, Bee Polo

  10. FS: Brand New Dior Homme Blazer, Bee Polo

  11. FS: Brand New Dior Homme Blazer, Bee Polo