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    A little more than halfway through this. I am compelled by H.H. as a character and the style of writing is elegant. I wish I understood the French dialogue.

    great novel, the french dialogue for the most part is a reiteration of what is said in English.

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    This is very good. Who wouldn't want to be a young trilingual aristocrat in pre-revolutionary russia? But this book is not escapist, it has much more to offer than just nostalgia for a time you never knew. A great look at what shaped a writer and a human being. have to read more Nabokov.

    Have you read Lolita? Before I read Lolita I thought writing and art were separate entities. After reading it I felt as though Nabokov's prose could be plastered on the walls of any Museum.

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    This is really great so far. I'm seven chapters in and I'm really enjoying it. This is the first McMurtry novel I've read and I'll probably pick up "The Last Picture Show" next. I'm pretty excited to be reading this because the author is an alum of my university and he's won a Pulitzer in fiction which is pretty inspiring.

  4. I don't know what section this should be posted in but if not this one please move it.

    In Nobesville, Inidana a man is selling soap with various racial and homosexual slurs imprinted on the packaging. There's a video and a short write up on my blog which I will post a link to and I'm also putting a link to a write up fox59 did.



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