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    Nope. Price is correct. I've confirmed this with another shop in Canada.
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    A new retailer in Vancouver called Leisure Center https://www.instagram.com/stories/leisurecenter950/2799800525388560779/?hl=en has picked up Acronym. Check out the link before E tears them a new one. https://r.xiumi.us/board/v5/3kdpr/343337784 Pricing is all in CAD. The P39-M-B is priced at $690. I haven't seen prices this low for Acronym trousers since pre 2010. I'll try and pop by the shop to see if they actually have them out on the floor. I'm really curious what this Nylon Stretch material is like in person.
  3. analog29


    The LJ-2 is my personal ACR grail and sadly, I never could afford the insane resell pricing. I remember seeing one in my size being on Grailed but for the ridiculous price of 10k USD. I'm personally excited for this jacket above. I know there's going to be 3 colourways but the one you posted is going to be an instacop for me. It might not be leather, but I'll take this consolation prize until I can find an LJ-2 in size L or XL for less than the price of a new kidney.
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