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  1. No love for Somet lately? So sad...here's a few fit pics of my 018 I just picked up.




    Sized down to a 30, I'm a true waist 32...definitely tight but I'm diggin em haha. Gonna hem them a couple inches though.

    Thanks to Gordon at BIG for being such an all-star to deal with.

  2. Hey guys,

    I'm looking to get some new raw blacks, with a fit similar to the APC petit standard. Obviously the ps comes in raw black but I'm looking for something with a little more character.

    I tried the Imperial SEXI14BK but it just didn't have the taper or low rise I was looking for. Any suggestions?

    If it matters, I'm a true size 32 with pretty slim legs, the PS 29 and the SEXI14BK 31 fit me well.


  3. ^^^ Nah man those look wearable, pretty skinny fit but it doesn't look out of place on you since you're a thinner guy. Sizing down 2 is pretty common.

    Maybe try wearing them a little lower on your hips to stretch the waist out a bit more if its uncomfortable still.

  4. APC petite standard, tagged 29, my true waist is a 32. I've worn these for a little over 9 months, and gave them their first wash at the 9 month mark after they got soaked in mud. I'm pretty happy with the fading and contrast, the colour is really accurate.



    Wear in the seat and lap:




    Heavy patching/reinforcement in the crotch and seat:



    And finally some fit pics:



  5. Hey guys I'm fairly new to denim and selvedge and I've been looking to buy my first pair and wear the hell out of them.

    N&F is nearly top on my radar. I have weird measurements and I've been asking countless questions across many boards but many people avoid answering me with real answers.

    I have large thighs, about 10.75" and my waist is a 33" and my inseam is 28" and I don't wear my jeans baggy at all and up until recently I wore Levi 511's but they got too tight.

    So, i'm here asking you guys what cut would be right for me and what size, because of the stretching. Also, should I presoak?

    Thanks a lot and I hope you guys can help.

    I'd say weird guys, either in a 32 or 33 depending on how snug you want the fit. You will also need them hemmed.

  6. Just threw my 9 month old PS in the wash for the first time, as they got pretty muddy in a rainstorm yesterday...will post pics once they're dry

  7. The last couple pages of this thread have mostly been so embarrassingly wrong it made me uncomfortable just reading them.........

    Take your true waist. Subtract however many you want to size down. Purchase.

    For example. If I were a 32 true waist, I would buy a tagged 29 in order to size down 3. Oh crap, all that math made my feet start sweating......

    This is not that hard people.

  8. Quick question here, I know the 66BSPBK are no longer being produced, but I'd really like to get my hands on something similar.

    Anyone have any recommendations in a black selvedge jean with a similar cut? Doesn't have to be black-on-black either.

  9. Comparison fit pics of APC NC and Dior Homos 19cm in the same size (26) which seem to get compared a lot

    lol good try.

    Nice fits though

  10. the fit on my PS look a lot better than those. just cause mine aren't that skinny. the NS post looked nice. just don't get something too skinny for desertboots. leg opening has to be big enough.

    What are you talking about, Rvoe30 has one of the best PS fits on here, if not the best. That's how they're supposed to fit.

  11. Yeah that's the problem I'm finding, there don't seem to be many heavier slim tapered black cuts...I'm wondering if I should just have something altered. The low rise and ~7" opening are key for me.

  12. Worn everyday for the past 2.5 months. Aside from like 2 days they were being patched at the taylor.

    1 Soak at about 2 month mark, no wash.

    Let me know what u think.

    Patched and reenforcment spot on back of crotch. (Ironed on denim patch with stiching.)

    The crotch ALREADY blew out? only 2.5 months? How is that possible?

    LOL the crotch blew out because they're clearly too tight on his ass, just look at the pics.

  13. I think the process is similar to what sweat does to armpits of white undershirts and why white pillows turn yellow after time. That yellow + indigo leads to a brown tinge. Someone let me know if I'm wrong.

    yeah I'm pretty sure its just sweat/dirt/grime lol. If you want your fades to turn brown just roll around in more filth haha

  14. Im 6' x 230 and wear a 36" waist in 514's which are what I typically wear and prefer the fit of. 514's are levis' slim straights, so wouldnt rescues be the apc equivelent to levi 501's? I have an athletic build that definitely isn't flattering in anything too form fitting below the knee. If anyone's familiar with levi fits, would you equate 514's to new standards as you would new cures to 511's?

    dude seriously go with rescues. The new standard has a slight taper from the knee to the leg opening, while the 514 is straight. So for an athletically built 230-pound guy they might not be the best cut.

    The rescue is designed as a straight cut for guys with bigger legs, the new standard is designed as a slightly tapered cut for guys with slim to average legs. Judging by your description of your size, get the rescues, in a 34 to be safe, or 33 if you want them a bit slimmer.

    Check the measurements on contextclothing.com if you're unsure.

    And i dunno if you want to necessarily equate new cures to 511's either.

  15. I'm about to pick up my first pair of selvedge denim. For the sake of not combing through 800+ pages of posts, which APC cut would you guys consider most similar to Levi's 514?

    I don't suppose anyone knows a retailer in northeast Ohio that carries APC's or knows of somewhere online where I could look up local distributors?

    This probably isn't the right thread to ask in, but can anyone suggest other denim around the same price point as APC that are worth looking into? Thanks in advance.

    Definitely go with rescues for a looser straight cut. What size are you?

  16. yeah i'm leaning towards that right now

    another question: i'm looking at the contextclothing chart and it's sorta confusing me, does that chart already account for sizing down due to stretching? i should just get a 27 in APC size if i'm sizing down right (30 to 27)?

    If you are a true waist size 30, yes, go with a 27 for the NS

  17. I'm looking to grab a pair of the ST-200, looking for a pretty slim fit.

    My true waist is a 32, and I wear a 29 in the APC petit standard that i've stretched to 17" across in the waist, and they fit great.

    I also wear a 31 in the N&F skinny guy (elephant selvedge).

    I'm thinking 31 in the ST-200, but would I be able to pull off a 30?

  18. whats weird about that is that i got a sz 33 for my new cures and it says that the actual waist is a 34 but i got pants on the same day that were a size 32

    so now im very confused....even though when i measured those pants they were like a 35 or something and when i do put them on have about a good 2 inches of room.

    so im very confused

    and according to that the new cures are actually slimmer than the petites?

    New cures are very slim the whole way down, and taper at the bottom which cuts off the selvedge line. They also appear to have a bit of ankle flair.

    Petit standards are roomier in the thigh than the new cures, but are tapered as well so they may seem tighter in the calves and ankles even though they're close to the same.

    Yes the new cures are slimmer than the petits, but the petits often give the impression of having narrower lower legs and leg openings because the thigh is larger.This also allows you to size down more on the petits than the new cures.

  19. said the same thing to myself. I figured he's had them for 2 years but not frequently worn

    It's odd though, they still look like they have a fair bit of wear on the cuff

  20. first post!

    APC PS 2+ years

    2 - 3 rain soaks

    0 washes

    color is pretty similar to first picture

    Is it just me or do those still look really dark for 2+ years?

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