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  1. house

    sweden :: stockholm :: general

    Svartengrens - great cocktail bar in Vasastan. www.svartengrens.se, also The Corner Club is another bar for cocktails. For food I'd check out Rolfs Kök, Råkultur, Adam/Albin and Babette. Clubs: Trädgården, Moon Motel. Also check facebook and residentadvisor.net for underground warehouse clubs
  2. house

    sweden :: stockholm :: general

    Sounds like you had a great time! Yep that's pretty common. The government doesn't like dancing and drinking after certain times... If you are lucky the club you're at on a weekday close 5. Of course we have some illegal clubs keeping open much longer than that though. But the rules for a legal club are pretty lame imo.
  3. house

    Urban Techwear

    What do you guys think of the Sinn watches? Thinking specifically on the Sinn EZM 13 and the other watches in the EZM series. Used by both SAS, GSG9 and more. http://www.sinn.de/en/Modell/EZM_13.htm http://www.sinn.de/en/Modell/EZM_3.htm Watch-nerds say Sinn make the perfect watches, with a great balance between technology and price.
  4. house

    Hourly rate?

    I get about 150€ per day. edited
  5. house

    sweden :: stockholm :: general

    where are you staying? nitty gritty and nk for clothes. cafe pascal, mean coffee and drop coffee for your coffee fix. budget on food? if the weather is good, take your lunch outside in a park or a square.
  6. house

    sweden :: stockholm :: general

    I'd check this one out: http://restaurangkoka.se/ haven't been myself but only heard nice things about them. For your coffee fix, check out http://kaleikaffebar.se/ or http://damatteo.se/kafe/ And for shopping I'd suggest https://www.nk.se/en/nk-gothenburg/ and http://www.artilleriet.se/ Have fun Gothenburg is a lovely city!
  7. house


    Couldn't find the discounts thread so I'm posting here. First come first served. When I bought my CP white summer editions from Tres Bien I got a 10% discount code with my shipping (as usual? ) Here it is: PRE-FW14-NUF86 Enjoy you one lucky bastard that sees this!
  8. house

    sweden :: stockholm :: general

    PM me Jack please
  9. house

    arcteryx veilance

  10. house

    arcteryx veilance

    I'm sorry, no I haven't actually tried the Isogon on! Could anyone help me with this? http://images.arcteryx.com/details/450x500/Actuator-Jacket-Mesos-Blue-Packed.jpg (from the actuator page on arcteryx.com. I didn't get a pocket like that with me.. Is it some kind of accessory?
  11. house

    arcteryx veilance

    This just in Actuator jacket. Ended up buying it instead of the Isogon. I live in Sweden ffs, the country of bad weather!! So happy with it!
  12. house

    arcteryx veilance

    Ah ok. Thanks for the replies!
  13. house

    arcteryx veilance

    What does "weather proof" mean? I'm looking at the Isogon jacket and it says weather proof. Isn't it rain proof?
  14. house

    Common Projects sneakers

    fw 14 looking good!
  15. house

    Skincare recommendations

    My skin is kind of oily with acne from time to time... I've been using these products before with an OK result. Now I think I can get a better result with other products. Oil control foam wash: http://goo.gl/T3dtyn Oil control daily moisturizer: http://goo.gl/gy5hXx The main reason I bought these was to try something new, bought it at the pharmacy. Do you have any suggestions regarding Aesop and similar products? Ps. I'm 23 years old, so I know that I'll have to be patient with my skin. I use those products twice a day, on the morning and before bed.