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  1. lacking inspiration to do this photography thing lately
  2. ^ why do I never find deals like that at thrift stores.. anyways just copped a oly xa2. Anyone have any experience with this camera?
  3. So dope. you got like a website or a flickr or something? Would love to see more of your work
  4. Hey, anyone studying photography as a career path? I'm seriously debating whether I should try to transfer into my school's photography program or even dropping out and going to art school to study photography. Anyways, shot a wedding a while back, here's my fav shot from that set.
  5. Yea, I pretty much checked fredmiranda for 2 weeks and the body was pretty roughed up.. but at that price, no complaints.
  6. Also, shameless plug for my 500px... add me! I would go with a Canon Rebel T2i. Hell of a camera if you can deal without a touch/flip-out screen, in-cam HDR, and some other what I could consider nonessential features. Much cheaper than the T4i and arguably just as good of a camera. If you are willing to deal with somewhat of a dated camera, the Canon 5D classic is amazing. I recently picked one up for $550... possibly the cheapest full frame camera available right now
  7. getting into this street photography thing
  8. new toy, i'll update you guys after a couple rolls
  9. fucking sick. what film you shootin with?
  10. Anyone have experience shooting with Russian USSR era rangefinders such as Zorki or Kiev...etc?
  11. Hoping to score a 5D classic when prices drop. What are some good sites to cop used cameras? Also, compiled a series, some old photos some new.
  12. Everyone just killing it. Good stuff.
  13. Good photos guys... making me want to go out and shoot more. Anyways, long time no post. Heres some photos...