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  1. Corny White Girls Appreciation

    im sure this is in here somewhere but the girls from above:
  2. usa :: chicago :: general

    I go to u of c i gotchu. also dont you can take the 6 to the loop in ~30mins or metra in no more than 20 dont fuck with the green/red line from hp to downtown
  3. diniro got robbed

    yeah what city/state is this in?
  4. helicopter was brought out to shut down my afterparty

    ronnel needs to post more. everyone else needs to shut the fuck up. this thread has lost its entertainment value.
  5. WAYWT Shoes Edition

    reebok pump fury
  6. superconfessional

    yeah i always feel like a weirdo looking at waywt in public
  7. what are you reading today?

    I enjoyed all the pretty horses, and it was a very pleasant read.
  8. what are you reading today?

  9. You rekon its weird to cry often as a guy?

    the answer is yes
  10. Recent Purchases 2013

    lol danner has been around for like 80 years dude edit: those are by fracap but i believe they have been making hiking boots for almost a century as well
  11. Post some "Next level" shit.

  12. yes or no? / this or that?

    the torrentshell is a solid all purpose rain jacket. i like the looks of the first better but never handled it.
  13. expensive but not good

    1/3. subway sucks but its also dirt cheap and organic food is expensive exactly because it is better quality food. i dont think food that is healthier is more expensive at all. fruit isnt really more expensive than a bag of chips, yet it is better food. not sure why i cared so much to write this out.
  14. Tell me something Good

  15. helicopter was brought out to shut down my afterparty