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  1. if you're worried about the thighs being an issue, consider the charles atlas cut. made for guys with beyonce like legs also, what do you call a singing computer?
  2. ^ that is correct but we never know what'll happen if we all keep asking for this to go into production. hopefully somar can change lee's mind
  3. boriori- when you can, please post up more photos and some measurements
  4. i followed a trail of bread crumbs this week to a singer that was owned by a young couple with a new born. She made her attempts at sewing but loss interest. They were going to give the machine to me for free but i couldnt do them wrong by just accepting it, so i through them a price. They later gave me a history lesson of how she had become the owner of the machine. She apparently had received her as a gift from her mother who was skilled behind the machines. One hour in, one conversation lead to the next. Now i have a date this saturday to go visit their grandmother who apparently might still have a few things lying around that i could potentially help relieve them of
  5. itschrisb- i would suggest either the clampdown or the topper shirt. i own a ironheart type 3 in the 18oz fabric, i barely get use out of it. with denim shirts, you can wear it as is or as a shacket
  6. my shirt too is huge at the waist
  7. mpukas- who is doing the tapering and hemming?
  8. the 18oz collect mills looks super interesting if that helps
  9. itschrisb- check the measurement charts for each of those jeans on the leftfieldnyc website
  10. raf- 555-01?
  11. there is an easy fix to your length issue. cuff them
  12. just registered. im in with a denim tux or shall i say.... momotaro denim jumpsuit
  13. The denim world championships are round the corner, any info of any denim shirts coming down the pipeline anytime soon?
  14. I'm a little interested to what they'll be like as I am still shopping around for the denim world championship