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  1. On 5/1/2019 at 12:26 PM, SF2Turbo said:

    Yep my store sells levi's the regular stuff 501 and 511 i have also noticed the big E on the new batch of jeans. It doesn't bother me to be honest but it's a stupid move from levi's. 

    If it's not too much trouble, next time, snap some pictures. Is the big E on modern Shrink-to-fits? 

  2. https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/levis-vintage-clothing-type-2-trucker-jacket-501-jean/

    "At the end of 2017, one of the last selvedge denim producers in the United States, Cone Mills White Oak in Greensboro, North Carolina, closed its doors after 112 years of business. This end of an era also marked the termination of a partnership between Cone Mills White Oak and Levi’s. Levi’s Vintage Clothing is now celebrating the company’s long-standing relationship with the selvedge denim provider with two limited edition pieces..."




  3. Interesting! I like Levi's and knowing more about their history. Sorry I have no insight to give on these center patch jeans. I never even knew of their existence until you posted. I live in the states, so that would make sense if they were a EU exclusive. Thanks again for sharing.

  4. Also, found more info. about the contemporary LEVI's 501 fit. This post is 2+ years ago and verifies 2013 as being the most recent cut.

    "A related change - the cut of the 501 IS changing this month. It's slimming up. The main differences are a shorter yoke in the back and a smaller leg opening (about 3/4 to 1 inch slimmer than the 514). It's a really nice cut, but both will probably be out there for a while. I haven't seen it in the spring shrink to fits yet, but that could just be me.

    Source: I work for Levi's."

    Nice to know there's some interest for a contest next year! Cool!!

    I'm thinking it would be nice to open it up to LEVI's Rigid jeans, too... See some other fits/shades/variations.


  5. Check this out:


    I'm pretty sure the tag was accidentally placed on a pair of 501STF. I couldn't find any other Levi 501s with Elastane there. Always 100% cotton... It happens to be a size that I could fit into, though...

    Anyone know when the most recent 501 fit appeared? ...The best I found is 2013:


    This is the response from LEVI's Customer Service:

    Dear Dom,


    Thank you for contacting Levi.com.


    Regrettably, we do not have any records of any recent standard changes for the Shrink-to-Fit styles.  I apologize for that.


    Thank you for your understanding.




    The new fit (I don't know how "new" it is), but it's certainly not the 2008* style with the white tag 501 inside, deeper arcuate, and more blue than grey denim (see below):



  6. Levis-Made-in-the-USA.jpg


    General opinions or thoughts on the recent LEVIS Made in USA collection that were not apart of Levi's Vintage Clothing?


    It doesn't appear that the Made in USA collection is available any longer through retail outlets or online (resellers like eBay excluded). The jeans were around $180 for the selvedge jeans including 501, 505, 517, and 511 (I think). They had washed pairs, too. They also had the Trucker Type III denim jacket.




    I guess for the price, someone may be inclined to spend more on a pair of LVC. I don't know if LEVI's could've sold enough (to make a profit) at a lower price-point to the consumer. They did go on sale on LEVIS.com, according to one of the links below. I don't know if it would've cannabalized the LVC line. The line was extremely short-lived, yes? Was it limited-edition? I have a couple pairs that I bought and may start wearing a pair. I've been breaking in a pair of 501Z for awhile.



    *Washed kind, not raw.


    Anyone have any information about this part of recent LEVI's history? Anyone wearing a pair of raw USA 2011-2012* LEVI's ?



    *Not sure if any of these were Made in USA LEVI's or not, but I had to share the great picture I found! Anyone know the model name of the third from the left?  :D I think the first from the left is a shrink to fit 2011/2012 501.


    source material/research:







    http://www.madeinusareport.com/blog/2012/08/24/levis-and-wrangler-usa-made-well-kinda-sorta/ (at a time, for sale on LEVIS.com under $100, probably the washed kind)










    http://thesilentist.com/post/9666555024/its-on-sale-levis-raw-selvedge-501s-made-from (apparently, LEVI's had sold them on sale)

    I was pretty far along on Google... :blink:


  7. I was lucky this past week to find a bunch of orange tag LEVIs and they fit. Mostly 505, a couple of them are red tags. I bought 12 (2 aren't pictured). I paid about $2-3USD each. None of them are in perfect conditon... Still some good fades. I'll post one of the better faded jeans later, if anyone wants to see.


    I also bought a part of a big E Levi's jeans last week because I was excited about finding anything big E. I've only found some of the pants/shorts before, never the jeans... Not yet. :D



    What I can read:





    #2 (on the button)

    It looks there is a faded stamp on the inside/pocket lining, I can't read it.

    UPDATE: As I'm writing this post, I found a piece of scrap paper and a quarter in the coin pocket. It went through the wash... Amateur archaelogist mistake.

    "You better write or come see me"


  8. was at the army surplus store yesterday and found a pair of deadstock 517 stf made in USA (c. 1980s) in my size. for those of you looking for a slimmer fit stf these will do as long as you dont mind a bootcut or are willing to have them chopped up to a straight leg.

    they also had a pair of odd stf levis orange tab with no back patch, bar tacked [no rivets] and it was only a 4 pocket jean. they fit but the cuff was even more blowed out than the 517s. like almost bell bottom-y or like navy bell bottoms. they had a much better blue dye, kind of a greenish haze. didnt pick them up, kind of regretting it as it wouldve only been another $10. can anyone id them by this description? also, there was no tags inside or out so i had to just try them on, id put them at about a 34x34.

    Something like these:


    I have a pair of Saddleman Boot Jeans-Dura Plus #916 that I bought off eBay for around this price:

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-LEVIS-916-boot-Jeans-ORANGE-TAB-32-28-NWT-/320680469714 [No pictures anymore]

    You might be able to resell them for more. I probably would've bought them myself especially if they fit.

    Nevermind... 4 pockets you say.

  9. Is it acceptable to complain about/make fun of Bay vendors here?

    My least favorite vendors dealing in LVC (at least partially):

    3- the English lady that models all of the clothes herself, jackets down off her shoulders and unbuttoned to the waist, and wears nothing underneath but tarty, '80s looking lingerie. How are you suppose to tell how anything will fit, or even what it actually is?

    Jeez lady, I'm buying stuff for myself, not for the cast of Benny Hill.

    2- The Canadian person, "Oldladyclassics" or something, who prices everything at about twice what they were new and about 400% what they usually go for at Bay auction.

    1- The Arizona seller who prices everything about two-three times what they were retail, and doesn't even bother to put up any pictures except one closeup of the tag! For instance, he has up a LVC '40s shorthorn shirt for, get this, $499! Probably went for around $150 originally.

    Is this hyper-pricing because of the recent price hikes and because now there are flippers buying stuff at the Barney's sales and turning it around on the Bay?

    Haha... I actually bought a Sugarcane shirt from olddayclassics (ie. http://shop.ebay.com/olddaysclassics/m.html).

    He mailed it a week late and it arrived past the estimated time-frame, but I'm pretty sure the seller is just a kid/teenager. For one thing, his handwriting for my address was super-sloppy.

    His items are overpriced and I'm pretty sure I've seen some items on eBay before and later appear on his eBay account with a Buy-it-now inflation rate... :rolleyes:

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