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  1. TORONTO Meetup

    im in the market for a slim suit with notched, relatively thin lapels but its hard for me to find my size, can anybody recommend places to get smaller sized otr suits (34/28 pants) or bespoke/mtm? brands recommended would also be appreciated, lookin for more daily wear atm (mixture of work and going out in 500-800 range) and will invest in a high quality suit later
  2. TORONTO Meetup

    so was it confirmed if all bays started to carry these brands or is it just queen street location?
  3. TORONTO Meetup

    does hbc card work for discounts? if prices arent cheaper i would much rather support the independent stores or buy online best place to get jeans hemmed? want more of a specialty place rather than my local seamstress
  4. Title says all, prefer the baby blue colourway must be as close to new if not new as possible. Size 41-42 thanks in advance!
  5. TORONTO Meetup

    is TNT in yorkville still under renovation?
  6. i know the chances are slim >_< but as long as i know they exist ill never give up hope!
  7. I didnt see any rules for buying threads so if there is a page please guide me there I'm looking for: 1. Louis Vuitton Faux Semblant Carre Sunglasses (BTW I did see these in stores in Hong Kong over Christmas Holidays, if anyone is able to check if they are still there that would be greatly appreciated) 2. As well if you are from Japan and are willing to help me purchase certain Burberry Black Label items for a set fee please let me know. I am currently in the process of dealing with the proxies mentioned above but obviously every dollar saved helps. I have no feedback or rep on Superfuture but you can look my up on eBay under Redberet11 or Niketalk/ISS under the same alias Mellowg you can see I mean business. Thanks in advance