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  1. Hey Folks, FOR INQUIRIES SEND ME A MAIL TO mischa15@gmx.de LINKS ARE WORKING. PLEASE CLICK FOR PICTURES. Got too much stuff. These hasn´t been worn for long, so it´s time to sell them. 1.) BBS Cardigan Lightweight, early season boris cardigan. If I recall correctly, it´s a cotton/linen mix. One-piece woven - a great seamless cardigan. Small leather Buttons and signature silver at the back. Colour is a nice DARK BLUE which Boris used only in one season (First Picture is black). Easy to redye black if you want but I would leave it as it is. Might have some smaller pulls which is unavoidable due to the delicate fabric. But nothing, which comes to my eye, as it has been worn only a handful of times. Size is Large. Fits M/XL (stretchy fabric) - depending on the desired fit. Ideal for layering. Price: 199 E shipped (as gift or add PPfee) <div align="center"><p><img src="http://cdn02.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/5/5833e9b006dbdbfab306c27935f84a3d5.jpg" /></p> <p><img src="http://cdn02.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/3/3d22825f19778539b37019e6546c4a434.jpg" /></p> <p><img src="http://cdn02.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/3/3a0776318503856047996bb6e523b1c26.jpg" /></p><div align="center"><p><img src="http://cdn02.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/4/419b1b255a90f3887ba90cce3b9ea389c.jpg" /></p> 2.) BBS Shirt Same season: fold over / "flap neck" which can be worn out/inside honeycomb/fabric Size Large and ideally fits a 48/50 Colour is same BLUE as the cardigan above = same story here/easy to redye black Slightly fading due to sun exposure. Price reflects condition. no visible holes (might have had a small fix - nothing noticeable) Same fabric as here. http://www.darklandsberlin.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IMG_1409.jpg Price 109 E shipped + PPfee <div align="center"><p><img src="http://cdn04.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/5/5bb4ecff0266a053142326859c2eb9089.jpg" /></p> <p><img src="http://cdn04.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/3/34ba91cc33b9fefbcb411acfb47fe8bb6.jpg" /></p> 3.) Forme dexpression sarouel Pants draw string at waist. Tagged Size L but should fit everything 46-52 great comfy cut for summer and autumn. similar as here but in Cotton. http://www.lagarconne.com/store/item.htm?itemid=20928&sid=&pid= hardly worn Price: 199 E shipped + PPfee first come first serve. <div align="center"><p><img src="http://cdn02.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/3/355605b9fd56e96ce023cefe1d62bb8b8.jpg" /></p><p> 4. Julius Double-layered Long Draped shirt Size 4 Awesome Julius Shirt in impossible to find Size 4 which is not available in JPN. Retail was around 500$. Composition is buttery soft and comfy Rayon (80%) / Silk (20%) and feels great on the skin. Shirt is double-layered, super long, signature drape Julius style, awesome off-black colour, features the waterfall neck and perfect for a twisted layering effect. It can be twisted around the body for a tighter fit. Shirt is in awesome condition - worn only a handful of times. Best for a 50/52 might even work well for a 54 as it is long and has a lot of fabric. Price: 199 E shipped add PPfees or gift <div align="center"><p><img src="http://cdn04.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/1/1f8326a24c4071c1ae5d0f532794ead94.jpg" /></p> <p><img src="http://cdn04.trixum.de/upload2/7400/7373/3/3c73a0f977db8bb3d6703c850e005d971.jpg" /></p>
  2. Up for sale / IC are those items. you must be a true 50 (or 52 for tighter fit). Anything smaller WILL NOT work don't inquire if you are smaller!! Not sure about parting but might be better than letting them sit. Stuff is in good / decent condition / rarely worn. Sweater 1 in Large http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17791 Sweater 2 in large: https://www.ink-clothing.com/tc/detail/Boris-Bidjan-Saberi/AUTUMN-WINTER-2012/id=1116 Pants 1 in large: http://www.darklandsberlin.com/site/product/mens/boris-bidjan-saberi-yarn-dyed-denim-trousers-with-metal-buttons Pants 2 in xl (fits L): http://importworkwear.com/2012/03/boris-bidjan-saberi-pants-p6-f38-black-size-m-runs-smaller-new/ http://www.ink-clothing.com/en/detail/Boris-Bidjan-Saberi/SPRING-SUMMER-2011/id=331 Cheers
  3. UPDATE: Own pictures up 1. Jacket back on market. 1000 E shipped (gift or add fees) More pictures: http://www.43hostem.co.uk/shopping/m...m10049904.aspx 2. Wrap SOLD 3. Sweater pictures up Hi folks, Money or Trade for other bbs stuff (50/45) or CCP (50-52/45). 1. FS - BBS OG Wool Leather Ninja Hooded Jacket Size M 1000 E shipped http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=22691645 http://www.43hostem.co.uk/shopping/men/item10049904.aspx This jacket needs no introduction. Retailed 1800+ EUR. Labeled size M. I am a 50 and it is too snug. Best for a 48, but might also fit a 46 with layers under it. Incredibly soft lamb leather with thick boiled signature BBS wool will keep you warm in this winter. Amazing details, like signature overlooked stitching on the arms and the hood. The hood brings the ultimate ninja look. iMo superior to the actual wool/leather version. 1000 E shipped 2. IC Signature BBS Cooked Wool Wrap with Hood - AW09 SOLD 3. IC BBS OG Hooded Sweater with huge cowl neck - AW09 - Size L OG black huge cowl neck ninja sweater in size large. Strings hanging down from the hood and the two inner front pockets. Double layered - will keep you warm. With thumb holes. Loose fit. Note: fit pic with waxed shiny strings. Mine are non-waxed and not shiny (no big difference at all)
  4. FS: BBS Giant braided Scarf, unique

    will accept trades for bbs,ccp: size 50 large also looking for jewelry (WM,CH,CTeo,Goti)