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  1. Raf Simons fw '98/99 sz 46 Made in Belgium Rare as hell, in very good condition considering the age very warm/heavy s2s: 16.5" p2p: 18" total length: 46" I'm a true 46. Some might remember I tried to sell this last year but I decided to keep it for one more season. Now I already have a new coat and want to sell this quickly. There are some minor, nearly unnoticeable imperfections with the jacket but I like to stipulate everything for full disclosure. There is an small hole in the interior pocket (easy fix) and the lining is fraying a bit inside one of the cuffs. Both things unnoticeable from the outside, of course. The only thing is there is a slight faded spot on the back shoulder (dark grey in color), probably a 3" diameter. It is unnoticeable unless you're looking for it. But, if you wanted to re-dye this jacket, it'd look nearly brand new. $400 shipped in US.
  2. Gotta start moving on. Taking best offer. Let me know what ya got. Cheers.
  3. Retail: $1600 — looking for $675>>$625>>T A K I N G O F F E R S Sz 48 pit to pit: 19.5" shoulder to shoulder: 17" shoulder to cuff: 27" pit to waist: 25" Regrettably this thing is too big for me and consequently has never been worn—the pockets are still sewn up. The material is 100% virgin wool and is very soft/light to the touch and has a wonderful texture. True deep black, single button, asymmetrical, long cut, single vent, pocket flap detailing, hidden surgeon cuffs, semi-lined, made in Italy.
  4. Fonts / Typography

    I recently discovered this personal project font—Favorit Grotesk—which actually looks really brilliant. The designer is finishing redrawing the current weight as well as adding two more weights to the family and will then begin distributing it. http://valentinpauwe...avorit-grotesk/
  5. Fonts / Typography