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  1. Hey all. Does everyone here chain stitch their hems? I'm thinking of hemming mine, but I'm getting too lazy and cheap--my first baby on the way!--to send them away to chainstitch. We have a good denim tailor here in Austin, Texas, but I'm just curious what your overwhelming opinions are.


  2. Hey mate: You really love the sandals and socks?

    For many people this must look terrible.

    I even made it on the Worst waywt fit thread (didn't know about this thread until now).

    But like you said, I don't care about fashion styles. I just love raw denim

    Actually, mate, I do love the socks and sandals. And I hear what you say about raw denim. I don't crumb on people's style: if it works, it works.

  3. T

    Your more then welcome to stop at my place in Zurich also without jumping through fire hoops!!

    I would love to invite you in to the Jeansmsueum at any time!

    So let's wait for any more contest news in May?

    I'm there, my friend. And frankly, I love the socks and sandals. I think that jeans were meant to be worn with whatever the wearer sees fit--a true anarchist piece of clothing.

    So May? I'm cool with that. It gives me some time to start saving my pennies for the samurais and breaking in my 5000vx--Fit pics this week for sure. It's getting the slot on the contest that matters, I'd say. The jeans will come when they come.

    Sooooo, what's the deal with Denime and where do I look to read about them?

    Thanks to everybody for their hard work with this thread.

  4. I'll jump through some sort of fire hoop and travel to Zurich or wherever Ruedi is to get the last spot on this. I am viciously entertaining at times, at least to myself. That, and I'm getting a new camera that I have no idea how to use, so there's that too.

    Done begging.

    On to figuring out this camera for pics.

  5. Thanks for the reply, BF. A last question--although this might be the wrong thread for it. Any suggestions on another brand with a comparable cut to the 5000vxs? I need another jean for my rotation and I like the grownup straight cut but am not sure what's in the same range. Thanks again.

  6. two soaks or one, guys? I've been wearing my 5000vx's daily and I've got the waist where I want it, and the thighs, but I'm wondering if I get the inseam a wee bit shorter by soaking them again--I did the long hot shower in jeans thing. However, I'm hoping that they won't go crazy with shrinkage in the thighs--I have big old legs. Just wanted to get your input as I am willing to just let the cuffs be if they'll shrink mad. Sorry for the bother, but I'm holding off on buying some of the S5000BKs before I get a final answer on this.


  7. Those look great twelve am. Did you find that the waistband stretched out again after your 2nd hot soak? I'll post fit pics of my 5000vx to see what you all think soon, but I was just curious if you found they bounced back in the waist.

  8. Hey guys what's the best way to buy the s5000BK japanese model? I have the s5000vx from take5 and I want the red tabs to match. Please don't mock. If anyone has a brand new pair in size 34 please message me.

  9. Samurai 5000vx Lot 11

    Skull 5010xx

    Eternal 811BG

    The Flat Head SE05BSP

    Momotaro 0705SP

    Raleigh Denim original--easily the best jeans I've ever worn other than my Samurais.

    Is it normal to want to just settle on a couple of brands or "gasp" even one and live the quiet life? I think the Samurais have become my new wife.

  10. Thanks Frank for that. I got them on today after letting them fully dry out and they feel great. Amazing comfort for 17 oz. I'll post fit pics later tonight--my first ever. I'm glad I just let them rest after my hot shower soak.

  11. Quick question. Sorry, but I've looked through the boards briefly and I just wanted to make sure. I have a pair of 34 S5000VX Lot 11 and I was wondering if the waist would stretch. It's about 35 now, but they haven't been worn much at all and have only had one hot shower soak. Hoping to get one more inch after some wear time--no washing planned after soak.

    Thanks and sorry for the bother.

  12. I'm too lazy to quote all the commentary, but after having worn and broken in many pairs of japanese and other brands of raw denim (momotaro, skulls, the flat head, Eternal, real japan blues, etc...), these Hartfords have me excited. My mother got a me a pair for Xmas and I'm really looking forward to breaking in another pair of handmade American jeans in American loomed denim. The construction on these jeans looks as good as any pair I've seen, and is comparable to the only japanese jeans brand I'll buy anymore--Skull Jeans by an Alchemist. I look forward to participating in this blog and seeing what these cats have to offer. Before you critique, you should really have an evaluative measure from which to work from. What aspects of the construction seem amateurish? I don't see it, really. You can compare the stitching to Eternal, and you'd be hard pressed to find anything Hartford isn't doing right. What jeans look any better constructed than these? I'm sorry guys, it sounds like harshness for its own sake.

  13. chainstitch is a form of stitch --also happens to be a favored detail at the hems and other areas of our denim.

    a traditional hem uses a normal lockstitch.

    CHAINSTITCHING and HEMMING are not interchangeable verbs.

    when did this eternal thread turn into amateur hour?

    Well, thank you. I'm sure that contributes to making the question more precise. I appreciate your input.

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