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  1. On 12/4/2021 at 5:13 AM, Inkinsurgent said:

    I know it's counter to what they're about  but E should just produce an archive redux where they drop two or three key pieces from each of the 05-12 seasons.


    Like a nod to everyone who's been around that long and would love to scoop up a fresh version of one of their old grails.

    There were a handful of past references and key pieces this season tho

    Some were slightly tweaked throughout the years and some got major redesigns then released under a new name

    J3-HY = HY-J3 from '08

    P10 = big flagship pant in 2015's era 

    P24A = also 2015's era throwback. Redesigned P3A from '05-'06

    J29 = updated version of J11 blazer from '10s era

    J38-LP = J38 blazer coat from '13-'14

    S14-BR = hoodless version of BR-HD1 from '11-'12
    J16-GT = GT-J16 originally released in '07

    J90 = basically a stripped down version of SS-J8 from '09. Would love to get this in white or beige with black contrast

    NG4-PS = started as the NG3-PS from '15/'16. Most iconic NG

    More older stuff this season than ever imo alongside the handful of newer experimental silhouettes and colors

  2. Wanted to do some side by side comparisons of the zips on the new ng4

    Main thing to note is that it uses the same type of heavy duty metal ykk zipper as the LF1’s, which I’m sure a lot of us here have handled before. It’s a size above the standard ykk vislon zips commonly used in jackets. They’re beefy


    Here’s the ykk zip next to a raccagni zip on one of my Rick Owens jackets. After handling both I can say neither one is better than the other as there’s hardly any difference in how heavy they are and how they feel. Both are weighty and they do be zipping…



    Make sure to like and subscribe to this post and post your challenge video’s in the comments below!!! /s

  3. Shiny zip good

    S/o to faster & cheaper shipping than mothersite lmfao big up to whoever posted the link

    Feel like theres gonna be enough for everyone but GL to whoever is copping on Monday ~ ~ ~


  4. i think multi is fine. glad they're finally trying new stuff beyond the typical black/raf/olive greens


    would be stoked to see a multi pant if the colors are distributed in a similar patchwork style as the black j1b-multi (black/white/dust)


    mismatched zipper teeth and pulls would've been *chefs kiss* on the 3a-1-multi. can't wait to get mines in so i can play around with the pockets

  5. ykk aquaguard zips and velcro cuffs references back to E's time at Burton in the 2000's. as for ykk i'm certain it's a longtime supplier relationship that's been built since those days

    zippered sleeve pockets for snow passes, built-in leg cuff gaiter, floating/detached pockets, self fabric velcro cuffs etc all these design choices being used today are references from his time making snowboarding gear (in addition to the military references ofc). this is what makes acronym, acronym


    i would imagine them taking stroll to their giant closet and just have a field day on which features to reinterpret and re-contextualize for the next season *drools*

  6. Got a big hunch production move is related to Hamcus.. heard from a friend that they operate their own factory in China (E visited their showroom in Paris recently)

    Given the complexity of producing acrnm and seeing how Hamcus is constructed this would make sense

    I wanna see some pix of production quality before making any judgements

  7. 1 hour ago, Dolphinski said:

    Q: What's that tab on the end of my zip?

    Your mum: Don't worry yourself about things like that dear.

    Your mate: You paid HOW MUCH for that jacket?

    TWG: It's a defect! Acrnm suck, their customer service suck and they're overpriced elitists ripping off decent hardworking folk. Anyway, my $5 waterproof thrift jacket has a zip that works perfectly.


    Talking heads on IG: vEnMo mE


  8. did some digging on polartec alpha and came across this mountaineering blog that does rigorous testing and goes deep on development info

    apparently it comes in more than one type of insulation depending on end use and is sandwiched between outer and inner fabric

    (clockwise) 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g

    polartec alpha japan

    from the looks of it, j74 uses either 80g or 100g

  9. ~~~~~~gaiter boooots with the pimped out gucci suits~~~~~


    correct me if im wrong but iirc the dude who designed the kmtr's also designed these gaiter boots, not jun. og pairs just has brand tie-ins with gyakusou

    even then the gaiter boot's marketing campaign was pretty weird. kept being labeled as either nsw or gyakusou.  does the og's even have gyak branding on the shoe?

    also something tells me that nike pockets a big majority of the $ from these partnerships. more of a strategic move for the collaborators

    tldr capitalism

  10. lmao dont be dumb. if the j47a-gt were to drop this season itll be much more $$$ than 3 years ago.  prices raise every season not to mention all the other positive business moves theyve made between that time. you lot are smart ill let you figure it out :P

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