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  1. Just got my Jins, S0110XJ, in the mail from BiG today. I ordered tagged size 32, which is one up from my true waist of 31.

    Pre-soak measurements / Post-hot wash measurements

    waist: 16.5 / 15.7

    front rise: 10.5 / 10

    back rise: 15 / 14.25

    thigh: 12.25 / 11.5

    knee: 9.75 / 9

    hem: 9 / 8.7

    Post hot wash fit pics


    And any opinions on the triple cuff? I really should've gotten these hemmed

    Edit: The ridiculous hip flare is really just a weird reflection off of the glass door. They look way more normal irl

  2. I love the fit on those '67s, always thought they were a tighter cut, but I'm a huge fan of yours, fellini. I hate to admit it, but these '37s are giving me slim fit withdrawals.

  3. Long time no post, but I think I may be getting dangerously close to being late on a mandatory update for my 37s. So my 3 month update (90 days exactly) will be coming tomorrow, hopefully there will be some sun to shoot them in as well.

  4. So I guess I'll post my one month update. Not a lot of progress, but let's keep the pics coming anyway.


    The color is a bit too bright and there is more creasing in the top block than appears in the photo

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