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  1. http://contact.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ShowAllQuestions&iid=251633345080&requested=samuel846&redirect=0&frm=2047675&ShowASQAlways=1&ssPageName=PageAskSellerQuestion_VI




    Q :  I was wondering, about what size is this jacket, as far as United States measurements (S, M, L, XL, etc.)? I see that you've listed it as size 48, but is that UK measurements or Italian measurements? I apologize if this is a ridiculous question. 09-sept.-14
    R :  In the broadest sense this is a 'ridiculous' question. But I shall try to answer most efficiently. Perhaps treat yourself to looking at some styling of it on the Internet to understand what I am saying. This jacket is oversized and is intended that way. The only thing on this jacket that fits a 48 is the shoulders. The rest of the jacket is designed to be oversized. I think this jacket would have been XXL or XL at least and Raf redesigned it for a 48 oversized. that's the point 'Raf Simons’ early work was subversive, youthful and raw. This MA-1 looks like it’s straight out of a cyberpunk flick but was part of the collection SUMMA CUM LAUDE, which was inspired both by Mensa students and the gabba subculture. The cut is oversized, puffy and imposing but in a way that I could only describe as ‘near-perfect’. This is definetly a grail for the ages.'



    What a little piece of shit. ciler.gif


    /could be posted in supertrash, but his answer about the Raf Simons bomber belongs right here

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