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  1. I just picked up the pack of stevenson white tees yesterday and they are definitely nice, but I haven't heard anyone mention the brand loop and weft that blueingreen carries. I grabbed the beige 3/4 sleeve henley and right off the bat it felt a lot softer. I was told by the worker at blueingreen (japanese guy, didnt get his name) that the brand was started by someone that was affiliated with samurai.
  2. Caught Cartel live @ Yost Theater in Santa Ana
  3. I got my girlfriend a pair of naomi's that shes had hemmed and tapered.
  4. Naw thats just pbj slub in all its glory
  5. about 14months of wear. 12months straight and then on and off
  6. full update on my s8000jxn at 14months the epitome of anti combs eh? different color pocket bags
  7. quick phone pic on s8000jxn 14 months
  8. that is ridiculously cool... Is he selling any of his pieces? I imagine that each one is at least going to be more than $500
  9. Current: Samurai s8000jxn Out of rotation but not retired: pbj 007, sugarcane black garment dye, 3sixteen st300
  10. are these the 11s?
  11. s8000jxn at 4 months. They were last years summer model 18oz lht texas cotton
  12. will the IH-634s-b get restocked?
  13. hey Kiya, when is the next time that you guys are going to get a sugarcane restock at la?