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  1. Japan Blue Momotaro

    That is exactly what I was planning, unsanforized of course.
  2. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Thank you for the input guys. Basically my idea on these collaborations is to keep them small and make several of them so we can be more experimental and make different fits and styles that will appeal to everyone who is a fan of the label. E-mail me any ideas, would love to hear them. Momo = Pink. Anything else is unacceptable in my opinion. I want to do a small collab like this releasing every 8-10 weeks, so I am sure we can come up with some ideas that you would appreciate. What would you think of Weird Guy type fit? Something with room in the thigh and a taper from the knee down. I was considering this for collab #4. When the first collab arrives, we will post measurements which will be in the unsanforized state.
  3. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Hey guys. I was a little selfish with our first 3 collabs as I prefer a slimmer fit....but I am listening and if you want a different fit I can make something happen. I am working on collab 4-6 now and I can easily make a different fit and fabric. E-mail me suggestions and I can maybe make something for fall.
  4. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Wait just a few more days. 0702 has shipped and should arrive within a week. The fabric is pretty phenomenal.
  5. Japan Blue Momotaro

    A few posts back I see a few comments about the Grand Indigos. I need to clear some things up so there is no confusion. The Grand Indigo fabric is a 85% sanforized raw. It will shrink a minor amount, but not enough to worry about. When we received our first shipment of Grand Indigo I got a pair myself and wanted to test the shrinkage. With a one hour hot soak/hang dry they shrank abou 3/4" in the inseam and about 3/4" iin the waist line. After the first wear, they stretch back to original measurements. After about 3-4 months of wear, they stretched a solid 1" in the waist line and about 1/2" in the thigh. If anyone has question on sizing on this model or any others, feel free to e-mail me directly. FYI.... 1) 0702 come out of production next week, be in store late January. 2) I have 3 secret collaborations with Momotaro in the works to drop in approximately April, July, and September respectively. These 3 collaborations will feature slimmer fits. More details on these will be coming up in a few weeks. .....Hi Rob
  6. Naked & Famous Denim

    If you can button all the way, you have the right size. It will take 2-3 weeks of wear, but thigh will stretch 1/4" or more to give you some room. If you size up to 34 they will look good brand new, but after 3 months of wear after they stretch you might find the 34 to be too slouchy and loose in the thighs. Just think about it a bit more before you make a final decision. Denim will stretch, this one just takes more time than others.
  7. Naked & Famous Denim

    Here is how we measure: http://blueowlworkshop.blogspot.com/2010/01/blue-owl-measuring-guide-denim.html Elephants are stiff and take a while to break in, but they will stretch with work. If you like the fit in the thigh and calf area, but just can't button all the way, you are probably good to go. E-mail me if you need further sizing advice. Best, Jay - Blue Owl
  8. Naked & Famous Denim

    N&F denims will vary in sizing. Eachone is handmade in their factory and 1/4" of difference here and there is very common. When we receive shipments from N&F, we typically receive 3-4 pairs per size. If there is a particular style you want, you can always give me a call once we receive a new shipment of the style you are looking for and we can measure every denim and find one that will work best. We do it pretty regularly and it is never a problem to double check measurements, particularly if you really know your fit and the measurements that you want.
  9. Naked & Famous Denim

    Our measurements are accurate to the stock we carry. We measure every denim, every shipment. If there is ever any questions on measurements, call or e-mail prior to ordering and we would be glad to double check measurements on current stock.
  10. Naked & Famous Denim

    Sorry for confussion, this shot is collab 1 "skinny guy" This shot is the nes collab 2 "weird guy" The new collab has pink selvedge and pink inseams. Much better detailed photos will be available once the denims arrive in store later this month.
  11. Naked & Famous Denim

    Hahaha. Right on!
  12. Naked & Famous Denim

    I soaked a pair for a customer 2 days ago, size 28. Started waist line 31" and shrank down to 30". Larger sizes will shrink differently. I would recommend purchasing your normal N&F WG size if you plan to hot soak, size down 1 if you plan to wear dry.
  13. Naked & Famous Denim

    Production was delayed. Comes out of production September 9. In stores about September 15th.
  14. Denime

    Very nice fit, and thank you for the kind words. Hope you enjoy the denim.
  15. Naked & Famous Denim

    Our measurements are correct. We pull the front of the waist band over the back of the waist band and pull tight. There might be a little variation per each denim as they are hand made and very heavy fabric, but if there is any hesitation by anyone wants confirmation on the measurements, please call us. It only takes less than 5 minutes to measure and confirm that the measurements are safe. I have personally gone back through every denim we have in stock. Every denim in the batch measures 2" larger than tag size in the waist line. I apologize for anyone who might have received a pair that is under those measurements.