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  1. In Canada (I assume the USA as well) there are 20ft. aisles in the grocery stores for chips/ice cream/soda/cereal. So much choice/variety. Now I have a fifth of that choice/variety living in Europe. It is kind of refreshing, but I do miss butterfinger/wonderbar.

  2. being 21 and not in school is really awful.

    I am jealous of the people my age who already finished school, wish I never took two years off after highschool. My biggest 'fail'.

    Either way, I still have no clue what I am going to do once I am done.

  3. they made my hikers in the wrong color leather; brown-red, instead of black as I had ordered.

    really sorry to hear this...

    while the boots are really nice, it is completely besides the point when you paid for something entirely different. Hopefully they take care of you.

    I ordered shoes from Oak Street Bootmakers in the beginning of October and they arrived literally a few days after I left the country in early January. Still haven't seen them yet. Not quite the same situation but I know how you feel.

  4. Is it 'oop-sah-lah'?

    Crushin' on Sweden as a country of choice, but it seems uptight on religion and booze/drugs, so our relationship would probably never work out. Despite gangly blonds and well-designed everything.

    They are not uptight about religion what so ever. Also, at least in Uppsala, all the uni-students do is party 6 days a week. Every night is a different club night and usually every night there is a party somewhere within the living accommodations.

    Besides, IMO if you are going to study abroad why bother finding a place that closely resembles home? It seems to defeat the purpose of the experience.

  5. If I were in Austin I'd go to Rock of Ages too. wants Steve Byrne tattttts

    second that.. one of my favourites forsure... hopefully one day I can get something from him

  6. when the keypad device of the laundry building doesn't work forcing me to run around the other side of the building AFTER I shoved a make-shift door stop in only for some twat to remove it.

  7. Any thoughts?

    I can't comment on working in that type of environment with tattoo's but...

    what is the difference if you get your arm's done before getting the job or after getting the job if they may only see your arms X months in the future. Either way they are going to see them eventually, so when you get the tattoo is irrelevant.

    What is relevant is if they are going to care however I think if you work to your employer's standards and keep in line with your employer's dress policy, you should be fine. In all fairness, unless you go to a non formal gathering with coworkers they would probably never know. From all the Law and Order I have watched I don't recall them ever wearing short sleeved shirts so I say get the tattoo's.

  8. I am on exchange in Uppsala Sweden right now and it is awesome. I know how you feel and I was really nervous too, this is my first time out of Canada/US. But as Repeater said, just do it. It has already been an awesome two weeks.

  9. so the general consensus here is that the tattoo artist has to charge upwards of $140-$200 an hour and you have to book months and months in advance in order for them to have any credibility?

    i guess if you find an artist in which you find his/her style relevant to your interest, you should make sure first that a) their rate is high enough B) they are busy enough, in order to give them a chance?

    it's the same dickhopping that happens in everything else...something (or in this case someone) gets hyped for whatever reason, they jack up their rates (cause they can), get a bunch of eager clients and now theyre the shit because "you have to book 7 months in advance" (what artist is going to turn down clients...do salesmen turn down sales?) and "i pay like, 200 bills an hour yo, so you know he's good"

    I'm pretty sure that while I am scouring the internet for tattoo artists I rarely, if ever see their wait time or hourly rate... And if I stop in a shop and look through an artist's book it rarely, if ever has a credibility meter or hourly rate... Usually when I get a tattoo, price is discussed when booking. But that's just me.

    If you find an artist in which you find his/her style relevant to YOUR interest and their rate is NOT high and they are NOT busy, then go get a tattoo...

    Maybe if someone gets hyped it is for the simple reason that they are good at what they do? You're on a forum that generally discusses higher end, expensive, rare, quality goods so it shouldn't come as a surprise that people are discussing expensive and 'hyped' artists too...

    I'm just not sure how someone gains credibility and doesn't get busy as a result. "Oh 'johny' is really good and everyone raves about him, he's really cheap and he's never busy." But no hate, just not sure what your point is.

  10. I am living in Sweden until June and will be in Europe until mid July. Can anyone recommend some 'western/traditional' tattoo artists worth checking out in Scandinavia/Germany/Poland/Italy/Belgium etc...

    I am willing to make some trips while I am here.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. I second this...

    Protip: Decide what tattoo you want before deciding you want a tattoo, ALWAYS.

    Exception: If it's an awesome artist you admire or know personally, AND you have at least 1 tattoo already.

  12. dsc0015pj.jpg

    That image looks bad ass, I am jealous.

    I am currently in Reykjavik Iceland until Saturday so I thought it would be cool to post my EDC for the time being. Apologies for the poor quality of the shot, the co-occupant of the room already must think I'm nuts, I didn't want to try too hard.


    I usually carry a mini-grip or a caly-3 but decided to leave them behind. The small leather pouch is for cards and cash and the Supreme bag holds my passport/cellphone/camera. Originally, I had the newer BB Bold, but it stopped working the day before I left so I had to use my old one. The key is for the storage box at the hostel.

  13. sorry about that. she does though, doesn't she?
    i got stoked on them titties then you pointed out elijah now i'm not stoked anymore

    the elijah comment ruined it for me too. sadly josh mullen you are correct

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