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  1. run full speed at both of them with pie in right hand and lighter in the left.

    pie (cheesecake) dude on the left in the face.. well eyes, assuming they have the pointy cones on their heads that cover their faces..

    almost simultaneously, begin apply blunt force trauma from the barrel of the lighter to the temple of the other klan member...

    quickly wrap the leash around pie0-face and strangle him whispering some witty phrase about having my way with mary too.

    maybe use the bucket to gather tinder to start a big fire to burn the bodies..

  2. I hate not having full access to the wide selection of chocolate bars that I am used to in Canada, for example butterfinger and wonderbar.

    Actually, now that I think of it, not having access to all the lard ass enjoyments I am used to in Canada.

  3. from my understanding pom-aids make the hair shiny? While I will probably pick some up, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good product for shorter hair that has a matte look to it with a strong-ish hold (I have thick hair). I am getting a basic hair cut with short sides and a bit longer on top.

  4. no hate but Kiya never said that the 'prima' aka PIMA cotton correlates with poor quality...

    however, not to jock anyone, but Kiya does dabble in the denim industry... maybe you do too but some people's 'honest opinions' are going to carry more credibility and legitimacy than others...

  5. Maybe this is better in 'Random Thoughts' or 'Superconfessional'...

    I haven't cut my hair in two years, partly because I was used to getting cheap haircuts and didn't want to justify a price increase when I changed cities. I wear my hair tied up 90% of the time which is really the only 'look' I enjoy with my long hair. I get really annoyed when it's down because it always ends up in my face. I can't decide if I should wait it out through winter when wearing it tied up isn't so annoying or just cut it off. The upside is easier maintenance and I can wear hats again.

    Sorry for the rambling... anyways, hair up, hair down



  6. no hate but why do you think it is weak?

    I will throw all my stuff into a fanny pack if i am going to the fitness center or out for a run. Usually I always go out with a backpack but sometimes I just take a fanny pack because of its size. For the record, I always shoulder carry it.

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