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  1. For sale:


    Nanamica Gore Tex Field Jacket

    Size XL (will fit a L and maybe even a M well)


    Hardly used, around 5 times, in excellent condition

    Price: 210 GBP + shipping (14 in Europe, little bit more elsewhere)

    Open for offers for trade also











  2. Oh, sorry, lost my temper. Bad day. I think I misunderstood! I don't even remember what I was thinking. But yes, it's true it's gambling to buy stuff on ebay, and weird to ask about the size afterwards. I think I have built up some frustration with some forum members who like to show off how much money they have, but I don't think you are a Russian oligarch or anything like that:) Sorry, I will behave from now on.

  3. Foxy 2: I won. Jeans fit perfect. I got a great deal, less than 60 GBP with shipping for Joe McCoy jeans worn "a couple of times".

    You're one of the new rich people in Russia, right? Hate poor people? I'm not poor, but I don't like to spend a fortune on jeans if I know I can get them cheaper.

  4. Thanks for your ideas. LVC 1933 is great thigh wise. The problem is that it's very hard to order jeans online. SDA 101 I have been recomended before. If I'm 34 in Sugar Cane 1947, what size should I go for with those?

    From the measurements on Self Edge it looks like I should have size up with the SC1947s, did the mistake of trusting an ebay seller.

  5. I see, thanks. So are the 33s the widest when it comes to thighs, or are there any other years I should consider? They are normally pretty expensive compared to 55s and 66s I've noticed. I don't think I have abnormally wide thighs, but the 33s are the first jeans I've had that don't break in less than a year. That's why I don't wanna spend too much on jeans either.

  6. So if I understand it right: Are the 55's and 66's wide in the thigh area? I'm not so good at maths, so should I just look at the thigh measurements, or think thigh compared to waist? Would be fun to try something else than the 33's this time.

  7. Thanks a lot for the guide, very helpful! I bought a pair of LVC 501XX from my friend some time ago, I'm trying to figure out what year, it looks like it's 27 or 33. Will try to get a new pair, since these are among the few jeans I've had that are wide enough in the thighs for me to keep a long time. Even Sugar Cane 1947s ripped after about nine-ten months. So could anyone please identify these?


  8. How important is it do unpaid internships to get anywhere in the business? Is it pure exploiting or is it something you can benefit from? I'm currently emailing around to ask about internships. Should I expect anything without having studied in fashion?

  9. Ok, thanks for the advice, will check out that school, though I live in Scandinavia. I also have a master degree in art. Pretty stupid if I want to have a career in fashion (or earn money), however not completely unrelated. That's why I hope I could do this without going back to school. The thing about networking is also you need some kind of platform for it. Live in a city with a good scene for these sort of things.

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