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  1. entertainment!- the end date is January 2nd, 2012. PaulT just wrote the date backwwards, as the Brits so often do. No wonder they lost the empire. Of course, in the USA we write the date properly, and still...

    And I assume he wanted to make an allusion to one of his favorite albums: 2112 by Rush?

  2. Looking at the title of this thread, it occurred to me that the finishing date of this contest is ambiguous since conventions about writing dates are different around the world. So is the finishing date 2 January 2012 or February 1, 2012? Or is the date based on local custom for where the wearer lives, so those of us in the States get an extra month compared to the rest of the world?

  3. I am pretty sure that he is wearing two pairs of jeans. I just looked in the "This is a pair of Levi's Jeans" book which has a large reproduction of the photograph on page 15. It definitely looks like there are two waist bands, one over the other. The inner one has a suspender button just above the suspender button on the outside pair. The most logical explanation is that he is wearing two pairs of waist overalls or a pair of waist overalls over another pair of pants with suspender buttons.

    When I first noticed this, I emailed Lynn Downey. She also believes that he is wearing a pair of waist overalls over another pair of pants. She said that she uses the Yuma Indian photograph to illustrate the concept of waist overalls, i.e., that waist overalls were meant to be worn over another pair of paints to protect them from damage.

    In any case, roy6, your recreation is fantastic.

  4. Here's a 1940's chore jacket with a simple four button front with two front pockets and stand collar construction. The war time laurel wreath buttons are lightly rusted and have a cool patina. The ring spun denim has beautiful fades from years of wear and some interesting loom chatter.


    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Man, I don't know if I have a chance in this competition. I've been wearing these jeans hard and often, but I just don't think it works playing catchup with only half the time of everyone else!

    Can I win second place for best wear on the Roy boxers?

    Wait, are you wearing used boxers?

  6. Here are some pics of the indigo check shirt. Sorry for all the moire from my point and shoot:



    The irregularity of the stitching to show it is single needle is almost a little too much:


    But the fit and the fabric is both wonderful. I may turn into a Maurizio Donaldi believer after all (but I think I will wait at least until the website goes live).

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