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  1. whats you guys opinion on this haha

    its appropriate that he shitted on his fat ass in the public arena, but I always am suspect when dudes publicly say they will have some1 touched..


    if it was me I would have said all that without the obvious death threat but ghost is from a diff era.


    also you can tell was still heated in the moment when he shot it. fun stuff

  2. My neighbor thinks the worlds going to end on May 21st. Actually kind of concerned about what he's going to do when it doesn't.

    It's a shame too cause his kid has like a 4.0 in highschool (a senior) but didn't look at any colleges because of it.

    reminds me of this lady who jumped in front of a train near where my parents live, and took her baby twins with her.

    Protestants are depressing.

    They don't depress me, but I can imagine they're pretty fucking depressed

  3. Hmmm, just realized that came off sounding a little racist. Point was: Its really difficult to answer questions when they're barked at you and you don't fully catch all the words in the question.

    My question is,

    how is the job market supposed to improve when the people doing the hiring aren't even professionally competent at conducting interviews?

    How on earth is it appropriate to allow what's going on in your work day to interfere with the way you interact with prospective employees?

    i can't imagine how that woman conducts herself when there's actual work needed to be done.

    Seriously feel like since 2008 we've been in a musical chairs esq job market where those who aren't necessarily qualified to help rebuild the economy are in positions of power and lack the intelligent responsibility to create working stability/economic success within the country as a whole

  4. Was playing killzone 3 (exceptional game fyi) the other night and out of no where my fat 60 gig ps3 conked out during a heavy firefight (single player).

    It had been playing online fine with no problems or slow down. Wasn't hot, hadn't been shutting down or freezing lately, but now when I try turning it on it just blinks for a second and flashes a yellow light. Won't even let me take the disk out.

    Whats shady is..

    just a few days before sony as well as killzone 3 had a seemingly random software update. Kind of odd seeing as no real details about the patch were released.

    A friend of mine's ps3 had the same problem as well as friends of my brothers. Just died on them, no warning.

    Now.. if ps3's are supposed to have like a 1% failure rate (I remember sony stating this a while back) And I already know a handful of people recently who's ps3s have died in the past month. To not rule out foul play would be incredibly naive...

    Im mos def not buying a new ps3 right now. Gonna take this mother to the washington and crenshaw swapmeet, give it to an old korean guy that fixes them for $50, and hopefully get back on my killzone/marvel vs capcom 3 diet. Even still though,

    sony this is cold blooded homie. Didn't think you'd stoop to this level just to push units. That ps3 move shit looks straight whatever and I hope you dont think I want to bullshit with some janky motion nonsense when id rather just ball outside. Even with the lackluster exclusive releases we used to be cool... now, I dont even know anymore

    anyone else have their ps3 murdered?

  5. so previous level. scene kids been doing that for years now.
    Yes, but the point was how they are actually selling them now as "ex-girlfriend jeans" - which everyone seemed to understand except you.
    lol this guys previous level understanding skills
    Who are you talking to?


  6. Is this joke? Why does square enix insist on further pushing BITCH games into the market?

    Obviously they are now in it for 1 thing


    which equals..


    But seriously. This is trash.

    That Versus XIII trailer has made me painfully aware of how I've changed as a gamer. Once upon I time I would have ate that shit up, but now I can't even take it seriously.

    Also, I just started Valkyria Chronicles. While I'm intrigued by the gameplay, the cut scenes are painfully bad. JRPGs need to up their game in storytelling if they're going to survive this gen.

    I feel you 100%. Look, I might be older now, but soft is soft. These storylines are weak. They cater to a very lame/chumpy demographic. I mean, if this is what they think is going to make them bread in the long run then surely theyve been drinking their own koolaid... or piss. Either way it can't have a very good after taste.

    Sure the FF name alone is going to get you a couple mil in sales off the bat. This generation of game consumers simply wouldn't know any better. But no matter how you present it.. trash stinks.. and after a while people are gonna want to keep it out of their households.

    I could see someone coming in and totally fuck shit up in the JRPG market or RPG market in general and FORCE these companies to ball up.. But it would take some serious direction and movement away from this girly shit that more or less the entire market has fallen into.

  7. i bought 3d dot heroes because of the hype and quickly sold it to a korean guy on craigslist.

    I was hoping for more of a link's awakening, atlus was thinking more of a zelda 1 with blocks that explode everywhere.. LETS JUST SAY the game was MUNDANE AS HELL.

    Valkyria was super promising, but i must admit I didn't give it too much time after I rented it because other shit was popping off besides it. I might rent it sometime again though and give it another shot (prob not though).

  8. I just really want a video game discussion thread that isn't just a call of duty circle jerk like the current video game thread. Maybe this thread is just me grasping at straws.

    The video linked earlier has potential to good in a Nic Cage sort of way. So terrible it's good. I'm just saying...think about it.

    Come to LA and we'll watch Season of the With. Make it happen.

    Dude don't let him play you hes just as much as a fucking nerd as you are and he is no more right than any other almost 30 year old guy talking shit in the trash section of a fashion forum thats wayyyy past it's hay day in regards to relevant and entertaining topics. Its just JRPG guy dont rip your ass and run for your mydol over it.

    and by the way



    If anything, you both can step off this mother if you're not down with the topic of discussion and FYI Call of fucking duty is shitting all over current JRPG so please do not hate because that is a very ugly and childish trait in human beings.

    that trailer is the exact representation of what is wrong with current JRPG.

    Frankly, Frank, I dont know how welcome you are in this thread anymore

  9. This is more like a 2chan exclusive topic, or a gamefaqs message boards exclusive topic, or a gaia online exclusive topic.

    Basically, stop being lame and they will stop making lame video games, as the customer is king in this situation.

    Personally, my opinion of the japanese videogame consumer has fallen drastically in the span of the last decade. I also feel like my interest in anime took a significant dive during these past 10 years as well... were not gonna get into that because ATM anime is pretty geyasfuck and I have no interest in that topic of discussion however.....

    Can't these SOBs see theyre getting their balls systematically removed everytime they play as a boygirl that can't find the dick he was born with? Apparently chicks are into JRPG's super tough over there? I feel like female gamers cause for a significant loss in game quality as well since they generally suck compared to accomplished male players. Are there exceptions? I guess. (PROBABLY NOT IF YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT) But to be frank, guy gamers VS female is like NBA vs WNBA imopinioney. This isn't hate neither, no bitch can see me in any game thats all it is.*** This ain't wii or guitar hero bullshit were talkin here either.

    Am I the only one who liked Chrono Cross more than Trigger?


    But CC was a good solid RPG that just didn't have nearly as open a world as CT did. howevers, it was a great game (but to this day I feel like you played as that awkward lynx bro for way too long.. HE WAS NO MAGUS LET ME TELL YOU)

    Chrono trigger was shitting on folks when it came to the tunes as well. I mean, like, s h i t t i n g. Like fallen said that wiz flow on schalas theme is a great example.

    I don't think anyone here is being lame. The reason we are talking about this is because we are dissatisfied with the state of the industry. It is hard because the majority of society will generally be satisfied with shiny graphics with no substance as long as they get a small degree of enjoyment out of it. As another user said, the culture in Japan that breeds JRPGs is extremely different from our own interests. Girly 15 year old protaganists may be cool to the Japanese majority. Thus, those types of games will continue to be made. This doesn't make us 'lame' and if we were to stop buying games like FF13 they would still be made because that is what the majority still wants. The term 'customer' as you use it implies equality but not all consumers are treated equally by the market.

    Also, please don't start this argument.

    The way that it looks to me is that the major players in JRPG development at this point in time simply do not have the testies to man up and stop making pussy rpgs (SQUARE-ENIX HAS SOME CUNTWAD SHAREHOLDERS/BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR EXAMPLE). These things make $$$ because the consumer buying them now simply knows no better. To the current youth JRPG consumer, FFVII is a game they heard about after they played FFX-2, decided to give a try and could barely make it to the 2nd disc on their downloaded playstation network version.

    Someone was all like, "oh this is a _chan/gamefaqs discussion" but to be honest those kids are too self obsessed/self-aware to know whats up. They take pride in how theyre shut-in gamers with short attention spans and have a played out obsession for memes and nonsequitur fan service.

    My problem with western rpgs is they continually have some of the worst art direction you can lay your eyes on and as an artist/illustrator that kind of shit bugs the hell out of me. but theyre generally not pussed out storyplots, just tired medieval/northern euro settings that feel like theyre designed for people who can't get their heads out of lord of the ring's asshole.

    If there was a balance of JRPG / WRPG that would be chill, but koreans only make MMORPGs and who wants to waste their life grinding away all day with that shit???????? ?

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