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  1. What is HWBC? And why can you only wear your shoes 30 times in 4 months? What is Nemo? I find myself googling everything you say.

    Great boots by the way. I really like how dark brown those are looking. What kind of oil did you put on them and why? They look like they have never touched the ground.

  2. Congrats misterh! Well deserved victory. This was a great contest to be a part of. Again I really enjoyed seeing everyones updates and hope to keep seeing them pop up here and there in the future.

    I have not had a moment yet. But I would like to see everyones inside fades. I know my pants show signs of it. Being indigo weft and warp I bet some of you guys have some wear to share.

  3. I have mostly monster calfs. A little ashamed of them. So I try and cover them up with sweet kicks.

    But about these pants. Lets talk about them.

    lottiboi's are pretty amazing looking. Front runner for me.

    ADH92 pants look pretty good to me as well. Wish the pictures we not so blown out. Would love to see all the repair work done to them.

    misterh carried this thread. Constant updates and a fine looking pair of pants in the end.

    Top three for me.

    Kansas is your crotch blow out from bike riding? Holy moly. Dedication. You have four huge holes in those things. Unless you got them all at once you were going outside a confident man. " They'll hold for another day."

  4. Its been a lot of fun watching everyones pants evolve and having a small glimpse into everyones lives. Lots of big changes for a few of you here.

    Thanks again to Robbie and ADH92 for putting this on and to Christian for making such a fine pair of pants.

    I hope to keep seeing updates every now and again.

    I have not been able to get a fit pic yet. I will try and get one today before the sun goes down.

    But here are my final pictures.





  5. Thanks guys. They are both pretty rad. I look forward to them growing up and watching them grow into the people they will become. And sorely miss the days that they would sleep on my chest, and were learning to crawl, walk, talk, etc..

    I would love to have a little girl. Maybe in a few years. But we are all at least 9 months away from having one i guess.

  6. Long Saturday. Started with my big kid waking up early wanting to dress like a cowboy.

    So we took mug shots wanted poster style.


    Then soccer.


    Up to Ventura for an extended family visit. Played at the beach.




    Then stopped at a roadside farm stand.




    bonus fit for rnr.


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