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  1. KVA in my opinion, i dont really dig alot of his looks. Some pieces are nice though but he has coped alot of grief just for being in the shadow. The Reign of Slimane. But it must be hard to follow up an act like Hedi.
  2. Yeah on a regular basis. haha, rad.
  3. Well there arn't even many stores that Sell fred perry in Sydney but i have heard plenty of demand for it here. It would be awesome if there was a pop-up here!
  4. Amen to that, we should all boycot n(n) if miyashita aint there!
  5. Everyone Must check out Pattern Magic set.
  6. Well i hate the pants. But i agree, 'new raf' is pretty cool. And def not that mustard leather skirts...uuhhhg. The (silk?) colour'd shirts over the ties looked sick.
  7. That light grey trench with the white collar is gotta be the best piece there. So who is designing the Mens this season? or was it a Design team?
  8. Those colour'd matador leggings are so dope. Rock them under some black tailored shorts, Of course you can get away with that.
  9. Heaps funny listening to people try and say names really fast in conversations as to make you think they know how to pronounce the labels right. And hope you didn't catch stuff up. Cee Dee Gee?
  10. @ABC, Yess, revive! those dance photos are so prime thanks heaps.
  11. HOLY! Juun is absolutely genius, there is not one piece i dont like. Alot of it are designs that have been done before, but Juun re-invents them So well.
  12. That Jedi steez is such a worst Men shot, Man Toitou design have been getting pretty stale, As seasons go on especially as more designers and labels are opting for more basics (minimal). But there are 2 or 3 good pieces in the mix like some of those tailored grey pants & pea-coats.
  13. Def agree, that single-shoulder tank ??? But those black (leather side panel?) shorts are a heaps good fit!
  14. Black Raf Sim cape and some fuck off gnarly looking Dutch wooden clogs.
  15. Are you in Sydney? $120 you were asking?