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  1. Most important is a cool, dry, dark place. Some keep them in boxes in the recesses of their cupboards. I just keep mine in my closet.

    I read on basenotes that refridgeration is actually recommended and some people have coolers just to store their whole collection :o

  2. you sniffing the old school ones,


    CDG - Vettiveru

    Chanel Exclusifs - Sycomore

    Lalique - Encre Noire

    Frederic Malle - Vetiver Extrodinaire


    Also Vetyverio by Diptyque.

    I've been on a vetiver hunt, and these are my favourite by far.

    Purchased a bottle of Encre Noire. Now deciding between the other 4.


    Been trying out a few more. Favourites so far:

    1) Eau d'Italie fragrances are so fun to smell - Jardin du Poete

    2) Nasamotto - Hindu Grass, Silver Musk

    3) Penhaligon's - 1870, Endymion

    4) Heeley - Sel Marin, Verveine

    5) Diptyque - Philosykos, Vetyverio

  3. Well. Isn't this annoying. Yes it's clean, but a dropdown menu would have worked much more efficiently than placing the blog tools under your username page.

    Hopefully they'll add a 'new post' button beside the existing dashboard and follow buttons soon. And maybe have the option of making the post icon block present on every page while you browse your feed.


  4. ^

    When I was looking for a black or gray for my place, I ended up searching links/photos on apartmenttherapy.


    Ended up trying Benjamin Moore Black Beauty, Soot, Tar, Deep space, etc. for blacks. Those are the popular suggestions for BM. Best advice is to go to a store that just sells paints and ask for advice. Tack the strips on the wall back at home, picking a couple colours you like after looking at them under different light conditions, go back and buy sample pots. Blacks especially have many undertones depending on your light and existing paint conditions. If I hadn't tried paint samples on my walls, I would have never notice the taupe and violet tones of some.

    Good luck. It's worth the trouble in the end.

  5. Looking some advice for a summer scent.

    I'm planning on picking up these as samples:

    mugler cologne

    live jazz

    monsieur de givenchy

    eau sauvage

    dior homme cologne

    dior homme intense

    eau d'hermès

    concentree/eau d'orange vert

    voyage d'hermes

    un jardin sure le nil

    terre d'hermes

    bigarade concentree

    guerlain pamplelune

    guerlain herba-fresca

    eau de guerlain

    l'instant de guerlain pour homme

    Any other recommendations?

    All I have is D&G Homme at the moment.

    cross-post from styleforum.


  6. Ok! Read through the thread and am ready to dabble into crafting some practice goods. Hoping to try out making bags and small accessories after lots of practice.

    These are the goods I'm planning on buying from Tandy tomorrow.


    Edge Beveler 2

    Wood slicker


    scrap leather for practice

    Lastly, as for the sewing awl, do you guys use a kit such as this one?

    Or just plain harness needles as I saw mentioned earlier?


    Thanks in advance :)

  7. I just get down in the shop and start sewing things up. I'm pretty good at making something that I'm imagining come together without too much planing or templating. However, sometimes I like to make a miniture when dealing with new constructions. See my little mini mailbag compared to my large one on the page previous for an example of this.

    At this point I've made enough bags to really just be able to throw them together in a few hours, since thats what I'm concentrating on mostly. It's a lot to handsew, but I find it to be worth it.

    I use a paper grocery bag and scotch tape. But I make small stuff.

    Thanks for the insight. I might go with ihbw's route with a pattern of some sort since this'll be the first time making anything substantial from scratch.

  8. Thanks for sharing all the great info with us!

    Props especially to corter for being so financially responsible.

    Inspired to use my day off next week to hit up my local Tandy's. Now I need to search this thread for the posts that list what to start up with. :o

    A quick question: When doing prototypes for new pieces (ex. bags) do you try out the pattern and fit using muslin? Or something sturdier like denim?

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