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  1. Jobs

    redX - That sounds pretty sweet! I loved chemistry in highschool. What do you plan to do after your internship? naked - Would you suggest taking any major schooling or mainly just some "brush up" courses to add to your resume/portfolio? Thanks for all the post guys! Interesting to see how people keep the closet stocked!
  2. Jobs

    Hey all, I was just kinda curious as to what everyone does to pay the bills? I'm in the middle of trying to figure out what to do for a career in life and I could use some ideas. I took audio engineering/music production at an arts college, but now I'm starting to find it's not the most stable way to make a living. I've been doing free-lance graphic design for years now, and I'm pretty well versed in the major design programs, so I've been thinking of getting into that. It's just depressing, because my education cost a lot, and no really great opportunities have come up.
  3. R.I.P. Michael Jackson

    I know it's been said a million times already, but I really think we lost someone incredibly talented and special. Music wouldn't be the same if Michael hadn't come along. You were a beautiful person, Michael. RIP
  4. What to wear with this hat?

    It does look good on with a Korg!
  5. What to wear with this hat?

    Hey guys, This is my first real post here, and I'm not really sure if this is even the right section to post in (sorry if it isn't, mods), nor do I know if this is really even a style that kinda fits here, but I thought I'd ask anyways. My girlfriend bought me this hat (see attached pic), and I'm having a lot of trouble finding stuff to wear with it, as it's a bit different than something I'd pick for myself. Obviously, given the color, it's not an every day use kinda hat, but I think it's kinda neat, and I'd like to find some stuff to wear it with from time to time. I just can't seem to figure out what to do to "mute" the color a bit, to stop it from being SO in your face (it's a lot more vivid in person than the picture). The only thing I've found so far is that white kinda helps balance it out I have a golf tournament coming up, an I was thinking of wearing it there, where it might blend in a bit more. Thanks in advance for any help/advice, and sorry again if this is the wrong place!
  6. favorite video game of ALL time

    Mario bros./Duck Hunt combo cartridge for NES. Gotta love the classics!