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  1. stopped using any type of facial wash.

    stopped using my olay facial lotion + spf15

    only using Paula's BHA 2% both day and night [as my daily facial cream now] and you know what? no major breakouts .... wow

    aside from a few ingrown hair, my skin has been pretty good. more so, the BHA 2% really repairs the skin quick if i have a blemish (2-3 days). Also clears up dark spots ^

    Sort of surprised / anticipating when it goes horrible wrong.

    fyi, i read because my skin gets a bit oily by end of the day, i should use some type of face cream with BHA hence my switch over.

    not using any sunscreen is not a good idea though! you'll wrinkle much faster..

  2. ^Agreed. I got to page 4, then ADD kicked in so jumped to the last.

    We're thinking of producing a raw womens fit. i'd be keen to hear any feedback positive and negative on what's currently available, and which fit characteristics are desirable...

    now back to page 5...

    roomier thighs please! even the largest flat head balders is still not roomy enough.

    and i find a lot of the jean back pockets aren't placed to flatter

  3. bored to death at the current job.

    got a new job offer where they want me to start ASAP. however i need 1 mth notice period, which will coincide with quarter end closing early april.

    i don't want to inconvenience people and leave in bad terms :(

  4. I remember during some of our conversations she told me that she would date me, but she doesn't date men younger than her. Im 20, she's 23. When she told me this 18 at the time (joke?).

    it's been 2 years, she would've been dating a teenager at that time. you should def give it a go!

  5. how much water (water, not soda, juice, etc) do you drink? staying well-hydrated has something to do with dry lips, other than regularly applying a lip balm.

    i find i was "addicted" to lipbalms. my lips would be sooooo dry without them even though i drink at least 2L every day.

    try using petroleum jelly instead of chapsticks etc. it just acts as a barrier from the environment (cold, wind, dryness) so your lips maintain it's natural moisture.

  6. i recently found out that i'm allergic to spf in lip balms/products

    also, past use of face moisturizers with sunscreen has caused closed comedones/whiteheads on my face. they aren't really visible except close up and its giving my skin bad texture.

    you should check the sunscreen ingredients of the moisturiser.

    UV-A protectors can be in form of physical sunscreen (zinc dioxide, titanium dioxide) or chemical (avobenzone, oxybenzone, a bunch of other names i don't know). physical sunscreens are more stable, there are claims that chemical sunscreens are bad for you, unstable etc.

    i find anything with zinc dioxide will give me a shitload of gunk under my skin, whereas titanium dioxide+chemical will give me a more manageable amount that i can extract myself.

  7. pbj xx-013 or xx-011 is roomier in the thighs, slightly tapered. but the rise is a bit higher than your gf's jeans measurement.

    they're pretty flattering though, the back pockets aren't ridiculously huge like most mens jeans, and the rise is reasonable

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