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  1. we have all this great smart technology but Windows 10 still can't fucking tell i don't have a touchscreen monitor


    "Tapp here..."

    "Swipe here..."


    i use a fucking mouse microsoft so i don't get ugly ass smudges on my screen  :angry:

  2. ^this


    if it's 3 hours each way you should consider looking for a place to sleep that is close to the job for the 4 months. especially if the pay is so good.


    also 4 months is like nothing (or maybe i misread that)

  3. i'm currently trying to teach myself how to draft my own patterns and then sowing the pieces together. it's a really steep learning curve and my inner prefectionist keeps getting in the way.


    at the end when you wear your own piece though is the best feeling ever :D

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