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  1. Have a look at one in-person before you buy, i wanted one then saw them in a store and they are huuuuuuge, way way bigger than they look in the pictures


    maybe, just maybe, you saw the 'Large' size, cause i saw their website, and theres a medium size for these..

  2. does anyone know if there are any similar design like this cote&ciel's bag?




    read the review on the previous page, and they are huge, prefer something smaller than these

  3. Great deal

    But I just don't get the right feel about the tournament

    How about I'm giving you 200$ cash for chukka, ship them, send me the pic of the shipping invoice, if theres any sorts in payment I'll pay them right away

    I never paid 70$ for shipping, even for boots (unless you're in Canada)

    Just to give you prove, go find some listing that ships internationally on eBay, and go check the shipping cost, for instance


    It only cost me 40 quid to get the item to Indonesia

    Sorry for being such a stubborn and cheap about this, kinda sort of funds out here, haha

    Have a good day


  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342